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                   IN THE HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA, 
                          DHARWAD BENCH
             ON FRIDAY    THE 23RD DAY OF JUNE      2017 
                         AT 10.30 AM
                      COURT HALL NO : 4
                	    LIST NO : 1
NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp


   1. WP       104489/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) HARISH S MAIGUR                   G N NARASAMMANAVAR FOR R1      
      REPORT OF MEDIATION CENTRE                                                          R2 : GOURAVVA - SD             
      HIGH COURT DHARWAD &                                                                R3 : HELD SUFFICIENT           
      AS PER MEDIATION REPORT                                                                                            
      THE MEDIATION IS SETTLED                                                                                           

   2. WP       107228/2015           (S       ,R       ) M S HARAVI                        AGA FOR R1 & R2                
      MEMO FOR DISPOSAL FILED                                                             V SHIVARAJ HIREMATH            
      BY ADV FOR PETNR                                                                    FOR R3 & R4                    

   3. WP       100739-100740/2016    (GM      ,RES     ) D J NAIK                          AGA FOR: R1-R6                 
      FURNISHING OF FPF OF CA                                                             P R BENTUR & H R BENTUR        
      COVER ACK COPY ETC TO                                                               FOR: R10 & R11                 
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R7                                                                  R7: ACK RECEIVED WITHOUT SIGN  
      (FOR 2ND TIME)                                                                      R8: D V NAYAK - SD             
      (MEMO MOVED)                                                                        R9: S PADMA NABHAN - SD        

   4. WP       102610/2016           (S       ,DIS     ) B M ANGADI                                                       
      MEMO FOR WITHDRAWAL                                                                                                
      OF WP                                                                                                              

   5. WP       104177/2017           (GM      ,FC      ) K L PATIL                                                        
      COMPLIANCE OF OFFICE                                                                                               
      OBJECTIONS RAISED ON                                                                                               
      PROCESS MEMO                                                                                                       
      (COMPLETE AND CORRECT                                                                                              
      ADDRESS TO BE FURNISHED                                                                                            
      (RETURNED PF KEPT BELOW)                                                                                           

   6. WP       104298/2017           (EDN     ,EX      ) ASHOK I BADIGER                   AGA FOR R1 & R2                
      FURNISHING OF FPF, C/A WITH                       S I BADIGER                       SURESH V MELAVANKI             
      POSTAL ADDRESS & COPIES                                                             STANDING COUNSEL FOR: R3       
      FOR ISSUE E/NOTICE TO R3                                                                                           
      (FOR 1ST TIME)                                                                                                     

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN

   7. WP       64347/2011            (GM      ,WAKF    ) VINAY S KOUJALAGI (NOC)           GA FOR R1                      
      1) IA-2/17 FOR DISCHARGING OF                                                       SADIQ N GOODWALA FOR R2        
      MUNEER AHMAD KHAN                                                                   AHMED ALI REHIMANSHAH FOR      
      SHERKHAN FROM WP                                                                    R4 & R5                        
      2) IA-3/17 FOR PERMISSION                                                           ILYAS ASAMADI:R3-SD            
      3) IA-1/17 FOR EARLY HEARING                                                        AZRA J DUNDGE FOR R2           
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
   8. WP       107606/2015           (GM      ,RES     ) Y LAKSHMIKANT REDDY               GA-SD                          
      IA-1/17 FOR EARLY HEARING                         Y MALATHI REDDY                   RAVIRAJ C PATIL FOR R6         
      (RULE NOT ISSUED)                                                                   THE STATE, REP BY SECY,        
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          DHUD, B'LURU : R1-SD           
                                                                                          THE COMMR, KSDB, BLURU : R2-SD 
                                                                                          THE TD-2, KSDB, B'LURU : R3-SD 
                                                                                          DC, DHARWAD : R4-SD            
                                                                                          THE EE-I, SDB, DHARWAD:R5-SD   

   9. WP       107716/2015           (GM      ,RES     ) DINESH M KULKARNI                 M KUMAR : AGA FOR R2           
      IA-1/2016 FOR TEMPORARY                           VIDYA D KULKARNI                  R D DESAI FOR R3               
      INJUNCTION                                                                          RAVIRAJ C PATIL FOR R1         

  10. WP       29708/2016            (GM      ,CPC     ) G S BHAT                          M G MALAVADE &                 
      IA-1/17 FOR VACATING                              SURESH N KINI                     NANDA MALAVADE FOR R1-R4       
       EX-PARTY INTERIM STAY                                                                                             

  11. WP       109541/2016           (EDN     ,EX      ) VIJAYENDRA BHIMAKKANAVAR          AGA FOR R2, R3 & R6            
      IA-1/17 FOR DIRECTION                                                               R1: THE STATE OF KARNATAKA     
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          DEPT OF P & S EDUCTION         
                                                                                          R4: THE BLOCK EDUCATION        
                                                                                          OFFICER BADAMI - SD            
                                                                                          R5: THE HM GOVT HIGH SCHOOL    
                                                                                          BADAMI - SD                    

  12. WP       109893/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    RAMCHANDRA MALI FOR R1-R4      
      IA-1/2017 FOR VACATING OF                                                           R5- APPASAHEB- SD              
      STAY                                                                                M G NAGANURI FOR: R6           

  13. WP       20861-20865/2017      (GM      ,RES     ) RAJESWARA P N                     VENKAT SATYANARAYANA A         
      1) IA-3/17 FOR AMENDMENT WP                       PRASHANT F GOUDAR                 C/R7 (CP NO 4391/17)           
      2) IA-2/17 FOR IMPLEADING THE                     MANJUNATH TORGAL                  GA SD                          
      PROPOSED PETITIONER ON                                                                                             
      RECORD AS PETITIONER NO4                                                                                           
      3) IA-4/17 FOR DIRECTION                                                                                           
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  14. WP       100026/2017           (S       ,R       ) J S SHETTY ASSOCIATES             GA SD                          
      1) IA-1/17 FOR CD OF 17 DAYS                                                                                       
      IN FILING THE RECALLING                                                                                            
      2) IA-2/17 FOR RECALLING THE                                                                                       
      ORDER DATE 15/3/17                                                                                                 
      (ABOVE WP WAS STAND DNP                                                                                            
      ON 15/3/17 BEFORE HON'BLE                                                                                          
      MR JUSTICE LNSJ)                                                                                                   
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING

  15. WP       109308/2016           (GM      ,R/C     ) SUNIL S DESAI                     GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  16. WP       100864/2017           (GM      ,CPC     ) A S PATIL                         K L PATIL FOR C/R1             
      (DATE)                                                                              (CP 20136/17)                  

  17. WP       101928/2017           (LA      ,KIADB   ) MRUTYUNJAY TATA BANGI             SHARMILA PATIL                 
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  18. WP       102580-102581/2017    (LA      ,KIADB   ) DINESH M KULKARNI                 GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  19. WP       102958-102962/2017    (CS      ,RES     ) MRUTYUNJAY TATA BANGI             SHIVARAJ P MUDHOL &            
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          ANAND BAGEWADI FOR C/R-6       
                                                                                          (CP NO 20233/17 & 20273/17)    
                                                                                          (CP NO 20232 RETURND WITH O/O) 
                                                                                          GA SD                          

  20. WP       103125/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) BHARATHI G BHAT                                                  
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  21. WP       103219/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) SHARAD V MAGADUM                  GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  22. WP       103461/2017           (GM      ,FC      ) GEETHA K M                                                       
      (CH MOVED)                                        P B PAWAR                                                        

  23. WP       104322/2017           (CS      ,RES     ) SHIVARAJ P MUDHOL                 GA-SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  24. WP       104937/2017           (EDN     ,AD      ) RAJESH B RAJANAL                                                 
      (MEMO MOVED)                                      M B MADANALLI                                                    

  25. WP       105014-105016/2017    (S       ,REG     ) ANAND.R.KOLLI                     GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  26. WP       105020-105024/2017    (LB      ,RES     ) MAHABALESHWAR HHASINAM            GA-SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                        CHETAN T LIMBIKAI                                                

  27. WP       105032/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) JAGADISH PATIL                                                   
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  28. WP       105048/2017           (GM      ,CPC     ) K ANANDKUMAR                                                     
      (MEMO MOVED)                                                                                                       

  29. WP       105080/2017           (LA      ,RES     ) S M TONNE                         GA SD                          
      (DATE)                                            S A NINGOJI                                                      

  30. WP       105154/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) H M DHARIGOND                     GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  31. WP       105164/2017           (LB      ,RES     ) DINESH M KULKARNI                 GA SD                          
      & WP 105330/17                                    VIDYA D KULKARNI                                                 
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  32. WP       105228/2017           (LB      ,RES     ) SUNITHA P KALASOOR                                               
      (CH MOVED)                                        SATISH M KARAD                                                   

  33. WP       105272/2017           (LB      ,RES     ) A S PATIL & N L BATAKURKI                                        
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  34. WP       105308-105309/2017    (L       ,PF      ) VISHWANATH HEGDE                                                 
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  35. WP       105322/2017           (GM      ,KIADB   ) BAHUBALI A DANAWADE                                              
      & WP 106344/17                                    VENKATESH DALWAI                                                 
      (CH MOVED)                                        P P JOSHI                                                        

  36. WP       105328/2017           (GM      ,WAKF    ) S S YADRAMI                       GA-SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                        H M DHARIGOND                                                    

  37. WP       106332/2017           (GM      ,TEN     ) F V PATIL                                                        
      (DATE)                                            NANDISH PATIL                                                    
                                                        VIJENDRA BIMAKKANNAVAR                                           

  38. WP       106345/2017           (GM      ,POLICE  ) MAHESH WODEYAR                    GA SD                          
      & WP 106366-6369/17                               NAVEEN CHATRAD                                                   
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  39. WP       106346/2017           (S       ,KSRTC   ) S G HIREMATH                                                     
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  40. WP       106347/2017           (KLR     ,RR/SUR  ) DINESH M KULKARNI                 GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                        VIDYA D KULKARNI                                                 

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING - B GROUP

  41. WP       108274-108281/2014    (S       ,RES     ) M S HARAVI                        GA FOR R1 & R2                 
      MEMO FOR DISPOSAL FILED BY                                                          SHIVARAJ HIREMATH FOR R3       
      ADV FOR PETITIONER                                                                                                 
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  42. WP       113059/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) L M KURAHATTI                     K RAGHAVENDRA RAO AND          
      MEMO FOR DISPOSAL OF WP                                                             V VIDYA IYER FOR C/R1          
      (DATE)                                                                              (CP 17898/2014)                
                                                                                          D L LADKHAN FOR R2             
                                                                                          R KOTHWAL : U G KATTIMANI      
                                                                                          F R GALAGANATH AND             
                                                                                          CHANDRASHEKHAR FOR R3-R10      
     Connected With
      WP           109840/2014                               A P MURARI                        L M KURAHATTI FOR R1-R7       

                                                                                          D L LADKHAN FOR R21            
                                                                                          U G KATTIMANI FOR R23,R24,     
                                                                                          R27-R30 & R33,                 
                                                                                          R18 : BASAVANA GOUDA - SD      
                                                                                          R32 : MUMTAZ - SD              
                                                                                          R34 AB MANAGER, BELLARY-SD     
                                                                                          R35 : ABDUL BARI - SD          
                                                                                          R36 : NAGAPPA - SD             
                                                                                          R37 : VEERAMMA - SD            
                                                                                          R39 : SARALA - SD              
                                                                                          R43 : SHESHADRI - SD           
                                                                                          R44 : UMRAZ B - SD             
                                                                                          R45 : GHOUSIA - SD             
                                                                                          R46 : NASIRUDDIN - SD          
                                                                                          R47 : HANUMANTHAPPA - SD       
                                                                                          R48 : LALITHA - SD             
                                                                                          R49 : T MALLAMMA - SD          
                                                                                          R50 : SHANKRAPPA - SD          
                                                                                          R51 : PRABHAKAR - SD           
                                                                                          R52 : GOWRAMMA - SD            
                                                                                          R53 : GANAPPA - SD             

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                                                                                          R54 : NOORJAHAN - SD           
                                                                                          R55 : NAGARAJ - SD             
                                                                                          R56 : KENCHAPPA - SD           
                                                                                          R57 : RUPA - SD                
                                                                                          R58 ABDUL HAQ - SD             
                                                                                          R9-R17,R19,R20,R22 ARE         
                                                                                          SERVICE HELD SUFFICIENT        
                                                                                          R8(A-E)SERVICE HELD SUFFICIENT 

  43. WP       21415-21420/2017      (LB      ,ELE     ) SRIHARI A V                       JEEVAN J NEERALAGI FOR C/R3    
      (DATE)                                            VIJAYA M MALALI                   (CP NO 4316/17)                
                                                                                          AGA FOR : R1                   
                                                                                          ANAMT HEGDE FOR R2             

  44. WP       101077/2017           (LB      ,UC      ) GIRISH A YADAWAD                  GA - SD                        
      (PETITIONERS COUNSEL                              V P KULKARNI                      S V YAJI FOR R1                
      SUBMITS PARTIES ARE                                                                 D J NAIK FOR R2                
      NEGOTIATING FOR AMICABLE                                                                                           
      SETTLEMENT OF THE DISPUTE                                                                                          
      AS PER ORDER DTD:09/06/17)                                                                                         

  45. WP       103466/2017           (GM      ,WAKF    ) SANTOSH B RAWOOT                  B MOHAMMED ALI                 
      & WP 103789-793/17                                A D SHILLEDAR                                                    
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  46. WP       103498-103499/2017    (GM      ,CPC     ) PRASHANT V MOGALI                 ROHIT S PATIL &                
      (DATE)                                                                               SHRIKANT T PATIL C/R1-R3      

  47. WP       105079/2017           (LA      ,RES     ) S M TONNE                         R1 NOTICE DISPENSED WITH       
      (DATE)                                            S A NINGOJI                       AGA FOR R2                     

                     FINAL HEARING

  48. WP       29744/2001            (KLRA    ,        ) L S HOTTIN FOR P1B-E              GA FOR R1 & R2                 
                                                        SMT GANGAWWA IRAYYA               (V/O/D: 01-06-2015 AGA TO GET  
                                                        PUJAR : P1A                       RECORDS)                       
                                                        BASAVANEWWA BASAYYA               B V SOMAPUR, NANDNI B          
                                                        PUJAR : P1F                       SOMAPUR                        
                                                                                          AND C B SHAKUNAVALLI FOR       
                                                                                          R3A,D & E                      
                                                                                          R3B - DELETED                  
                                                                                          SHIVAMURTAPPA : R3C-SD         
                                                                                          SRINIVAS : R4-SD               

  49. WP       48453/2003            (LR      ,        ) CHANDRAKANTH R GOULAY             SHRIKANT T PATIL FOR R3        
      (CH MOVED)                                        `                                 R B DESHPANDE FOR R3           
                                                                                          R1-LAND TRIBUNAL, DHARWAD SD   
                                                                                          R2-STATE OF KARNATAKA -  SD    
                                                                                          R4(1)-ERAWWA SD                
                                                                                          R4(2)-GIRIMALLA B SAPURI SD    

  50. WP       2902/2007             (CS      ,DAS     ) SRINAND A PACHHAPURE              AGA FOR R1-2                   
                                                        JAGADISH D HIREMATH               CHANDRASHEKAR P PATIL FOR R3   
                                                                                          R4 DELETED                     
                                                                                          R5-SIDDALINGAPPA SD            
                                                                                          R6-JEELAM BASHA SD             
                                                                                          R8-NARASIMHAN MURTHY SD        
                                                                                          R7-GAJANANA SD-                

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 6
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
     Connected With
      WP           11130/2007                                M S SATISH                        AGA FOR R1                    

                                                        MAHESH R UPPIN                    CHANDRASHEKAR P PATIL AND      
                                                                                          ANAND R KOLLI  FOR R2          
                                                                                          R-G-HALESHA FOR R3-5           

  51. WP       19795/2007            (T       ,ET      ) H B V PATIL &                     ADDL, GOVT ADVOCATE            
                                                        SHALINI PATIL                                                    

  52. WP       67152/2011            (LR      ,        ) SBM ASSOCIATES                    DINESH M KULKARNI FOR          
      (LCR RECEIVED IN AG'S OFFICE)                     S B MUTTALLI                      R10,R11,R13 & R14              
      (CH MOVED)                                        RAJU M                            R3-R9 - DELETED                
                                                        M C MAHANTINAMTH                  AGA FOR R1 & R2                
                                                        M S NIMBANNAVAR                   R12A- ASHOK PARASAPPA          
                                                        FOR P1-P5                         GORAJANNAVAR - SD              
                                                                                          (R12B-D ARE MINOR)             
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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