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                   IN THE HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA, 
                          DHARWAD BENCH
             ON FRIDAY    THE 28TH DAY OF APRIL     2017 
                         AT 10.30 AM
                      COURT HALL NO : 4
                	    LIST NO : 1
NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING

   1. WP       103171/2017           (S       ,RES     ) H M DHARIGOND                     AGA FOR R1-R4                  
      (V/O DATED 13/4/17 AGA TO                                                                                          
      SECURE THE SCHEME                                                                                                  
      RELATING TO APPOINTMENT                                                                                            
      OF "ASHA WORKER")                                                                                                  

   2. WP       103303/2017           (GM      ,KEB     ) RAMESH N MISALE                                                  
      (MEMO MOVED                                                                                                        

   3. WP       103371/2017           (GM      ,FC      ) SIDDAPPA SAJJAN                                                  

   4. WP       103763/2017           (GM      ,KIADB   ) K S PATIL                         GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                        VIJAY M MALALI                    CP NO 20269/17 RETURNED        

   5. WP       103780/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) V M SHEELVANT                     GA SD                          
      & WP 104135/17                                                                                                     
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

   6. WP       103862-103864/2017    (GM      ,TEN     ) SEEMA S NAIK                      AGA FOR R1-R5                  

   7. WP       103873/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) V M SHEELVANT                                                    
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

   8. WP       104070/2017           (LB      ,RES     ) SRINAND A PACHHAPURE              GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                        PALLAVI S PACHHAPURE                                             
                                                        RAJENDRA R PATIL                                                 

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING - B GROUP

   9. WP       61658/2016            (GM      ,RES     ) K L PATIL                         HCGP FOR R1 & R2               
      & WP 62160/16                                     KIRAN V RON                       R3: THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER-SD  
      (DATE)                                                                              R4: THE GENERAL MANGER-SD      
                                                                                          R5: KARNATAKA ELECTRICITY      
                                                                                          REGULATORY COMMISSION-SD       

  10. WP       65215/2016            (GM      ,RES     ) N R NAIK                          HCGP                           
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         
     Connected With
      WP           100787/2017                               N R NAIK                          AGA FOR R1-R4                 
                                                        VISHNU BHAT                                                      

  11. WP       101759/2017           (T       ,RES     ) NARAYAN G RASALKAR                AGA FOR R1-R3                  
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         
     Connected With
      WP           100880/2017                               NARAYAN G RASALKAR                GA SD                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  12. WP       104084-104087/2017    (LA      ,RES     ) S M KALWAD                        AGA FOR R1                     
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          RAMESH MISALE FOR R2-R4        

                     FURTHER ORDERS

  13. WP       103052/2017           (GM      ,FC      ) SUMANGALA A.CHAKALABBI            ANAND R KOLLI                  
      1) IA-1/17 FOR VACATING THE                                                         (CAVEAT NO 20080/2017          
      INTERIM ORDER DTD 28/03/17                                                          RETURNED)                      
      2) MEMO A/W AFFIDAVIT                                                               SANTHOSH NARAGUND              
      DTD 13/04/17                                                                                                       


  14. WP       103177/2016           (LA      ,RES     ) SANTOSH B MANE                    GA SD                          
      1) ACCEPTANCE OF SERVICE                                                            R1 & R2: ACK NYR               
      OF NOTICE TO R2 AS PER                                                              R2: ITEM IS DELIVERED          
      THE POSTAL TRACK SHEET                                                                                             
      (SERVICE OF NOTICE AWAITED                                                                                         
      IN R/O R1)                                                                                                         
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  15. WP       100551-100552/2017    (EDN     ,EX      ) BASAVARAJ G GODACHI               GA SD                          
      1) NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                               
      2) MEMO FOR WITHDRAWAL                                                                                             
      OF WP                                                                                                              
      (MEMO MOVED)                                                                                                       

  16. WP       101202/2017           (GM      ,KEB     ) SACHIN S MAGADUM                  I S UPPIN & G R TURMARI        
      A/W WP 102203/2017                                                                  FOR R1                         
      IA-1/17 FOR VACATING THE                                                            B S KAMATE FOR R2 & R3         
      STAY                                                                                R4: CHIEF ENGINEER, BENGLR :SD 
      (STATEMENT OF OBJECTIONS                                                            R5: THE DEPUTY COMMISSIONER    
      FILED BY THE ADV FOR R1 IS                                                          BELAGAVEI: SD                  
      RETURNED WITH OFFICE                                                                                               
     Connected With
      WP           102203/2017                               SACHIN S MAGADUM                  I S UPPIN AND G R TURMARI     
      IA-1/17 FOR VACATING STAY                                                           FOR R1                         
      (DATE)                                                                              B S KAMATE FOR R2              
                                                                                          R3: CHIEF ENGINEER, KAVERI     
                                                                                          BHAVAN, BENGLR: SD             
                                                                                          R4: "SERVICE AWAITED"          

  17. WP       102023-102024/2017    (GM      ,CPC     ) MADANMOHAN M KHANNUR                                             
      MEMO FOR WITHDRAWAL                                                                                                
      OF PETITION FILED BY ADV                                                                                           
      FOR PETR                                                                                                           
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  18. WP       102025/2017           (S       ,RES     ) HEMANTHKUMAR L HAVARAGI           GOVT ADV FOR R1-R3             
      ACCEPTANCE OF SERVICE                                                               G I GACHINMATH FOR R4 & R5     
      OF NOTICE IN R/O R5 THROUGH                                                                                        
      POSTAL TRACK SHEET                                                                                                 
      ITEM DELIVERED                                                                                                     

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  19. WP       102243/2017           (LB      ,RES     ) SURESH N KINI                     PRASHANT S HOSMANI             
      MEMO FOR WITHDRAWAL                                                                 FOR C/R2, CP NO, 20333/17 &    
      OF WP                                                                               20332/17                       
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          AGA FOR R1                     
     Connected With
      WP           103478/2017                               F V PATIL                         GA SD                         
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  20. WP       102948/2017           (S       ,PRO     ) BASAVARAJ GODACHI                                                
      1) NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                               
      2) MEMO FOR WITHDRAWAL                                                                                             
      OF WP                                                                                                              
      (MEMO MOVED)                                                                                                       

  21. WP       102950/2017           (LA      ,RES     ) ANAND.R.KOLLI                     GA-SD                          
      & WP 102985-021/17                                D V PATTAR                                                       
      OFFICE OBJECTIONS AT                                                                                               
      SL NO 42(10) A/W                                                                                                   
      ADVOCATES SUBMISSION                                                                                               
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN

  22. WP       100395/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) P V GUNJAL (NOC OBTAINED)         R M PHIRANGI AND               
      & WP 100448-450/17                                SUMANGALA A CHAKALABBI            B SHARANABASAWA FOR SOLE       
      1) IA-6/17 FOR CD OF 13 DAYS                                                        RESPDT                         
      IN FILING THE RECALLING                                                                                            
      2) IA-7/17 FOR RECALLING THE                                                                                       
      ORDER DTD 8/3/17                                                                                                   
      3) IA-5/17 FOR EXTENSION OF                                                                                        
      TIME TO PAY THE AMOUNT                                                                                             
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  23. WP       102834-102835/2017    (LB      ,RES     ) ANANT HEGDE                       DINESH M KULKARNI FOR R1 & R2  
      IA-2/17 FOR VACATING THE                          VISHWANTH HEGDE                   VEENA HEGDE FOR R3 & R4        
      INTEREIM ORDER FILED BY THE                                                                                        
      ADV FOR R1 & R2                                                                                                    

  24. WP       103130-103134/2017    (GM      ,TEN     ) V M SHEELVANT                     HCGP FOR R1-R3                 
      1) IA-1/17 FOR VACATNG THE                        S H MITTALKOD                     GURUDEV GACHCHINAMATH          
      INTERIM ORDER DTD 11/4/17                         V S KOUJALAGI                      FOR R4                        
      2) AWAITING SERVICE OF                            M L VANTI                                                        
      NOTICE IN R/O R1-R3                               VIJAYALAXMI M N                                                  
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                     FINAL HEARING

  25. WP       104152/2014           (L       ,TER     ) SANGAYYA SIDDAYYA HIREMATH        S S GUNDI FOR R2-R4            
      (LCR KEPT BELOW)                                  PARTY- IN - PERSON                HARSHA DESAI FOR R6,R7,R10,    
      (DATE)                                                                              R14 & R15                      
                                                                                          R2 : M/S, PTSL, HARIHAR -SD    
                                                                                          R3 : PADMANABHAN - SD          
                                                                                          R7 : VIKRAM S K - SD           
                                                                                          R8 : DR C A PHALINIDAR - SD    
                                                                                          H R BETUR FOR R16 & R17        
                                                                                          DINESH M KULKARNI AND          
                                                                                          VIDYA D KULKARNI FOR R5        
                                                                                          S S GUNDI FOR R2-R4            
                                                                                          M/S PTS LTD- SATTUR : R1-S/H/S 
                                                                                          D V TIKEKAR : R9--S/H/S        
                                                                                          S V DESHPANDE : R11 -S/H/S     
                                                                                          M D DHUME : R12-S/H/S          
                                                                                          DAKSHINAMURTHY : R13-S/H/S     
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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