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                          DHARWAD BENCH
             ON FRIDAY    THE 23RD DAY OF MARCH     2018 
                         AT 10.30 AM
                      COURT HALL NO : 3
                	    LIST NO : 1
NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp


   1. WP       106372/2014           (GM      ,WAKF    ) J S SHETTY                        F V PATIL AND NANDISH PATIL    
      NON AMENDMENT OF THE                                                                FOR R1-R5, R6(A-F) R7-R12,     
      CAUSE TITLE V/O DTD: 21/02/17                                                       R14 & R15                      
      (IA-1/16 FOR DISMISSAL OF WP                                                        D L LADKHAN FOR R16            
      FILED BY ADV SRI F V PATIL                                                          R13A : AKHILA BANU - SD        
      TO BE CONSIDERED A/W                                                                R13B :TANZEEM BANU - H/S       
      MAIN MATTER)                                                                                                       
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         
     Connected With
      WP           106373/2014                               J S SHETTY                        F V PATIL FOR: R1A, R1(B1-B4) 

      A/W                                                                                 R1(D), R2(A-E), R3-R5          
      IA-1/2016 FOR DISMISSAL                                                             R1C : HASINA BANU - SD         
      OF WP                                                                               D L LADKHAN FOR: R6            

   2. WP       103139/2015           (GM      ,CPC     ) M G NAGANURI                      RAMACHANDRA A MALI FOR: R1     
      1)MEMO FOR COMPROMISE                                                               R2,R3,R5-R7: PAPER PUBLN IA    
      DECREE FILED BY THE ADV                                                             FILED                          
      FOR PETNR                                                                           R4 : SHOBHA - SD               
      2) IA-2/2016 FOR CD OF 266                                                          R8 - "EXPIRED" (DECEASED)      
      DAYS IN FILING THE LR'S                                                             R9 : KADAPPA - SD              
      APPLN                                                                               R10 : KALLAPPA - SD            
      3) IA-3/2016 FOR SETTING                                                            R11 : TIPPANNA - SD            
      ASIDE THE ABATEMENT                                                                 AGA FOR R12                    
      4) IA-4/2016 FOR BRINGING                                                           R13 : DAYAGOUDA - SD           
      LR'S OF DECEASED R8 ON                                                              R14 : BASAGOUDA - SD           
      RECORD AS R8(A)-R8(E)                                                               R15 : SHRISHAIL - SD           
      5) IA-5/2016 FOR APPOINTMENT                                                        R16 : KASHAVVA - SD            
      OF GUARDIAN                                                                         R17 : NEELAVVA - SD            
      6) IA-1/2016 FOR SUBSTITUTED                                                        R18 : PARAVVA - SD             
      SERVICE OF NOTICE TO R2,R3                                                                                         
      R5-R7 BY WAY OF PAPER                                                                                              
      PUBLN IN "VIJAYAVANI"                                                                                              
      KANNADA DAILY NEWS PAPER                                                                                           
      BELAGAVI EDN                                                                                                       
      7) MEMO FOR REPORTING                                                                                              
      DEATH OF R8                                                                                                        
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
   3. WP       103140/2015           (GM      ,CPC     ) M G NAGANURI                      RAMACHANDRA A MALI FOR: R1     
      1)MEMO FOR COMPROMISE                                                               R2-R3, R5-R7, R10 & R17 PAPER  
      DECREE FILED BY THE ADV                                                             PUBLICATION FILED              
      FOR PETNR                                                                           SHOBHA : R4-SD                 
      2)FURNISHING OF FPF OF CA                                                           R8(A): ACK NYR                 
      COVER ACK COPY ETC TO                                                               R8(B&C) ARE MINORS             
      ISSUE NOTICE TO PROP R8(A)                                                          KADAPPA : R9-SD                
      OA IA'S                                                                             TIPPANNA : R11-SD              
      (FOR 3RD TIME)                                                                      AGA FOR : R12                  
      3)ACCEPTANCE OF MEMO FOR                                                            DAYAGOUDA : R13-SD             
      HAVING PUBLISHED THE NOTICE                                                         BASAGOUDA : R14-SD             
      TO R2 R3 R5 R6 R7 R10 & R17                                                         SHRISHAIL : R15-SD             
      IN VIJAYAVANI KANNADA                                                               KASHAVVA : R16-SD              
      DAILY NEWS PAPER AT                                                                 R18: PARAVVA - H/S             
      BELAGAVI EDITION                                                                                                   
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

   4. WP       104397/2015           (CS      ,DAS     ) V G BHAT                          R1: THE STATE, REP BY SECY,    
      1)STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                        ROOPA P MATTI                     CO-OP DEPT B'LURU -SD          
      PROPOSED R6-R8 ON IA-3/17                         R V SONGALAD                      R2: AR, CO-OP SOCIETY,         
      (UNSERVED COVER RETURNED                          SADASHIV S PATIL                  RO, VC BANK LTD BADAMI -SD     
      WITH POSTAL SHARA                                                                   PRAKASH N HOSAMANE AND         
      NOT CLAIMED)                                                                        RAJESHWARI GAVAROJI            
      2)IA-4/17 FOR ADDL DOCUMENTS                                                        FOR R3 & R4                    
      FILED BY ADV FOR PETNR                                                              PETITIN DISMISSED AGAINST R5   
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          PROP R6-R8:"NOT CLAIMED"       

   5. WP       108249-108259/2015    (GM      ,SLUM    ) F V PATIL                         AGA FOR R1                     
      1)IA-1/18 FOR AMENDMENT                           NANDISH PATIL                     RAVIRAJ C PATIL FOR R2,R3 & R5 
      OF WP FILED BY THE ADV                                                              G K HIREGOUDAR FOR R4          
      FOR PETITIONER                                                                                                     
      2)IA-2/18 FOR DIRECTION                                                                                            
      FILED BY THE ADV FOR PETNR                                                                                         
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

   6. WP       112448/2015           (KLR     ,RR/SUR  ) MALLIKARJUNSWAMY B HIREMATH       AGA FOR R1 & R2                
      IA-1/2017 FOR VACATING                                                              I C PATIL & M S HUGAR          
      OF INTERIM ORDER                                                                    FOR: R3-R6                     
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          R7 : VASANT - SD               
                                                                                          M K ATTAR FOR: R8              

   7. WP       103656/2016           (LR      ,        ) G I GACHCHINAMATH                 GA FOR R1 & R2                 
      1)IA-2/18 FOR BRINGING LR'S                                                         PRASHANT F GOUDAR FOR: R3      
      OF DECEASED R5(A) AS                                                                RATNAPPA : R4-SD               
      R5A(4-8) ON RECORD                                                                  VITTHAL S TELI FOR R6A         
      2)STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                                                          R5A(1): NOT CLAIMED            
      NOT CLAIMED R5(A1) ON                                                               R5A(2):SACHIN - SD             
      IA-01/18                                                                            R5A(3):SANTOSH -SD             
      3)IA-3/17 FOR EARLY HEARING                                                         R7A, & R7B                     
      (V/O DTD: 17/2/17 IA-1/16 TO                                                        SANTOSH B RAWOOT               
      BE CONSIDERED A/W MAIN)                                                             FOR C/R8B(I)(II)(III),         
      (LCR RECEIVED IN AG OFFICE)                                                         9,10 & 11                      
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          (CP 20776/2016)                

   8. WP       11761/2017            (GM      ,POLICE  ) SOMASHEKHARAIAH R P               GA SD                          
      IA 1/17 FOR DISPENSATION                          SUMANGALA A CHAKALABBI                                           
      OF PRODUCE OF ROWDY                                                                                                
      LIST OPENED BY R5                                                                                                  
      (EVEN PHOTOCOPY NOT                                                                                                
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
   9. WP       104419/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) DEEPAK MAGANUR                    R1:DC GADAG - SD               
      & WP 104905-906/17                                                                  R2:THE TAHASILDAR SHIRAHATTI   
      1)IA-1/17 FOR DIRECTION                                                             GADAG-SD                       
      2)IA-2/17 FOR DIRECTION                                                             A P KAMOJI FOR: R3             
      3)IA-3/17 FOR VACATING THE                                                                                         
      INTERIM ORDER                                                                                                      
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  10. WP       106498/2017           (GM      ,KIADB   ) SRINAND A PACHHAPURE              AGA FOR: R1                    
      1)COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                             R2:THE EMCEO KIADB             
      RAISED ON IA-1/17 FOR                                                               BENGALURU - SD                 
      VACATING STAY                                                                       P N HATTI FOR: R3              
      2)COMPLIANCE OF O/OBJNS                                                                                            
      RAISED ON STATEMENT                                                                                                
      O/OBJNS FILED BY THE                                                                                               
      ADV FOR R3                                                                                                         
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  11. WP       110428/2017           (GM      ,CPC     ) V M SHEELVANT                     DEEPA R UDIYAR FOR C/R1-R3     
      IA-1/18 FOR EARLY HEARING                         S H MITTALKOD                     (CP NO 21899/2017)             
      FILED BY R3 AS PARTY IN                                                             MOHAMMAD ISMAIL R3 PARTY       
      PERSON FOR R1-R3                                                                    IN PERSON FOR R1-R3            
      (RULE ISSUED ON 14/12/17                                                                                           
      (LCR K/B)                                                                                                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  12. WP       101319-101320/2018    (GM      ,CPC     ) F V PATIL                         GODE NAGARAJA FOR C/R1         
      1) MEMO FOR DISMISSAL OF                          NANDISH PATIL                     (CP NO 20277/18)               
      THE WRIT PETITION A/W                                                                                              
      DOCUMENTS FILED BY THE                                                                                             
      ADV FOR C/R1                                                                                                       
      2) FURNISHING OF FPF, COVER                                                                                        
      A/W CORRECT & FRESH                                                                                                
      ADDRESS ACK TO ISSUE                                                                                               
      E/NOTICE TO THE UNSERVED                                                                                           
      RESPONDENT NO'S 2-6                                                                                                
      (FOR 2ND TIME)                                                                                                     
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  13. WP       102017-102027/2018    (LB      ,RES     ) ANAND.R.KOLLI                                                    
      ACCEPTANCE OF MEMO A/W                                                                                             
      ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FOR                                                                                                
      HAVING SERVED HAND                                                                                                 
      SUMMONS TO RESPT                                                                                                   

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING

  14. WP       110997-110998/2017    (KLR     ,RES     ) SADIQ N GOODWALA                  GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  15. WP       111337/2017           (GM      ,CPC     ) PAVAN SAGAR                                                      
      (CH MOVED)                                        HANUMANTHAREDDAY                                                 

  16. WP       111338/2017           (GM      ,CPC     ) PAVAN SAGAR                                                      
      (CH MOVED)                                        HANUMANTHAREDDY SAHUKAR                                          

  17. WP       112187/2017           (GM      ,CPC     ) PAVAN SAGAR                                                      
      (CH MOVED)                                        HANUMANTHAREDDAY                                                 

  18. WP       100675/2018           (GM      ,CPC     ) G B NAIK & SMT P G NAIK                                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  19. WP       101471-101472/2018    (GM      ,CPC     ) VIJAYENDRA BHIMAKKANAVAR                                         
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  20. WP       102036/2018           (GM      ,CPC     ) SANJAY S KATAGERI                                                
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  21. WP       102122/2018           (T       ,IT      ) H R KAMBIYAVAR                                                   
      (CH MOVED)                                        PATRI SHASHIKALA                                                 

  22. WP       102138/2018           (LB      ,RES     ) PRASHANT S KADADEVAR              GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  23. WP       102160/2018           (KLR     ,CON     ) B.C.JNANAYYA SWAMI                GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  24. WP       102183/2018           (LB      ,RES     ) ARAVIND D KULKARNI                GA SD                          
      & WP 102185-2213/18                               SUNIL S DESAI                                                    
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING - B GROUP

  25. WP       6169/2008             (LR      ,        ) K RAGHAVENDRA RAO                 HCGP FOR: R1-R3                
      (GOVT ADV TO PROCURE                              V VIDYA                           ASHOK R KALYANASHETTY          
      RECORDS)                                          UMESH C AINAPUR FOR: P2           FOR: R4                        
                                                                                          MAHESH WODEYAR &               
                                                                                          PARAMESHWARI S T FOR: R5       
                                                                                          JAGADISH PATIL FOR: R5         

  26. WP       30348/2008            (LR      ,        ) V R DATAR                         GA FOR R1-4, R7 & R8           
      (DATE)                                                                              SHIVARAJ P MUDHOL FOR R5 & R6  

  27. WP       28508/2009            (KLR     ,RR/SUR  ) B PRAMOD                          K RAGHAVENDRA RAO              
                                                        PRUTHVI K S                       AND V VIDYA FOR R1             
                                                                                          GA FOR R2-R4                   

  28. WP       60571/2009            (LR      ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    GA FOR R1-R3                   
                                                                                          R4 - JANABAI - SD              
                                                                                          R5-R8: PETN  DISMISSED         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  29. WP       61360/2009            (KLR     ,        ) M C BANDI ASSOCIATES              G N NARASAMMANAVAR FOR R1      
      & WP 61372/09                                                                       A S PATIL FOR: R1              
                                                                                          R2:NEELAWWA H/S                
                                                                                          R3:JAGADISH - H/S              
                                                                                          R4:INDUMATHI- H/S              
                                                                                          R5 - GIRIJAVVA - SD            
                                                                                          R6 - SMT- MEENAXI - SD         
                                                                                          CHANDRAKANT GOULAY FOR         
                                                                                          R7 & R11                       
                                                                                          R8:IRAMMA -H/S                 
                                                                                          R9 - SMT- KARISIDDAMMA - SD    
                                                                                          R10 - SMT- AKKAMAHADEVI - SD   
                                                                                          R12 - SIDDRAMAYYA - SD         
                                                                                          GA FOR R13 & R14               
     Connected With
      WP           61359/2009                                M C BANDI ASSOCIATES              A S PATIL FOR: R1             

      & WP 61371/09                                                                       G N NARASAMMANAVAR FOR R1      
      (FOR HEARING)                                                                       R2:NEELAWWA -H/S               
      FILING OF VK BY ADV-                                                                R3:JAGADISH - H/S              
      SRI CHANDRAKANT R GOULAY                                                            R4:INDUAMTI-H/S                
      FOR R7,R8 & R11 V/O/D:2-3-2012                                                      R5 - GIRIJAVVA - SD            
                                                                                          R6 - MEENAXI - SD              
                                                                                          CHANDRAKANT GOULAY FOR         
                                                                                          R7,R8 & R11                    
                                                                                          R9 - KARISIDDAMMA - SD         
                                                                                          R10 - AKKAMAHADEVI - SD        
                                                                                          R12 - SIDDARAMAYYA - SD        
                                                                                          GA FOR R13 & R14               

  30. WP       61781/2009            (GM      ,WAKF    ) SACHIN S MAGADUM                  GA FOR R1                      
                                                                                          SADIQ N GOODWALA FOR: R2 & R3  
                                                                                          MISS AZRA J DUNDGE FOR: R3     
                                                                                          MOHAMMED PATEL FOR: R4         
                                                                                          S B SHAIKH FOR: R4             
                                                                                          SANJAY S KATAGERI FOR R5       

  31. WP       62632/2009            (APMC    ,        ) VENKATESH R BHAGAT                MALLIKRAJUN C BASAREDDY        
      (IA-1/2016 TO BE CONSDERED                                                          FOR: R1                        
      AT THE TIME OF FINAL HEARING                                                        HCGP FOR: R2                   
      V/O DTD : 22-11-2016)                                                                                              

  32. WP       62875/2009            (KLR     ,RR/SUR  ) GODE NAGARAJA                     HCGP FOR R1-R3                 
                                                                                          T BASAVARAJ & VISHWANATH       
                                                                                          V BADIGER FOR: R4              
                                                                                          SUNITHA P KALASOOR FOR: R4     

  33. WP       61622/2010            (LA      ,KIADB   ) RAVI HEGDE                        AGA FOR R1                     
      (CH MOVED)                                        SHASTRY & HEGDE                   P N HATTI FOR R2               

  34. WP       103582/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) K L PATIL                         ARUN L NEELOPANT FOR R1-R2     
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          R1 IS MINOR R/BY R2            

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 6
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  35. WP       100890/2017           (LB      ,RES     ) G I GACHCHINAMATH                 BHUSHAN B KULKARNI             
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  36. WP       103167/2017           (GM      ,FC      ) S B HEBBALLI                      JAGADISH PATIL                 
      (CH MOVED)                                        S C HIREMATH                                                     

  37. WP       111847/2017           (GM      ,CPC     ) DWARAKA SAMEER HADIMANI           NARAYAN P KENGASUR             
      (DATE)                                            PETITIONER                        FOR: C/R1                      
                                                                                          (CP NO 22017/2017)             
                                                                                          H M DHARIGOND FOR R1           
                                                                                          A S SHIRAGUPPI FOR: R2         

  38. WP       112262/2017           (EDN     ,AD      ) BHARATHI G BHAT                   S H MITTALKOD FOR: R1          
      (CH MOVED)                                        BHARATHI S HANAGANDI              R2:ASNSS S B SHM COLLEGE       
                                                                                          HUKKERI BELAGAVI-SD            

                     FINAL HEARING

  39. WP       38496/1998            (LR      ,        ) LOKESH MALAVALLI                  R1- PEER DEVAR RAMDURG- SD     
      (DATE)                                                                              R KOTHWAL AND                  
                                                                                          U G KATTIMANI FOR: R2 & R3     
                                                                                          M V HIREMATH FOR C/R3          
                                                                                          GA FOR: R4 & R5                

  40. WP       29090/2003            (LR      ,        ) J S SHETTY                        R1:MALLAVVA - SD               
      (DATE)                                                                              UMESH R MALIMATH FOR: R2 & R6  
                                                                                          SRINAND A PACHHAPURE AND       
                                                                                          RAJENDRA R PATIL FOR R2-R4 &   
                                                                                          R5(A & C) & R6                 
                                                                                          M S WANTAMURI FOR R1-R4 & R6   
                                                                                          R5(B) : YALLAPPA: SD           
                                                                                          AGA FOR: R7 & R8               

  41. WP       40454/2003            (LR      ,        ) PRAVEENKUMAR RAIKOTE              GA FOR R1,R2,R4                
      IA-3/03 FOR DIRECTION                                                               N B PATIL FOR R3(A-F)          
      IA-4/03 FOR DIRECTION                                                                                              

  42. WP       48204/2003            (LR      ,        ) T S MAHANTHESH                    REVENUE DEPARTMENT : R1-SD     
      (LCR K/B)                                         D SRINIVASA                       LAND TRIBUNAL HANGAL R2-SD     
      (DATE)                                            ASHOK I BADIGER                   NISHEEMAPPA R3-SD              
                                                                                          ANUPAMA HEGDE FOR R4           

  43. WP       48453/2003            (LR      ,        ) CHANDRAKANTH R GOULAY             R1-LAND TRIBUNAL, DHARWAD SD   
      (DATE)                                            SUNIL S DESAI &                   R2:-STATE OF KARNATAKA         
                                                        GOULAY ASSTS FOR                  REVENUE DEPT BENGLORE          
                                                        PROP P13(A-C)                     BY ITS SECRETARY- SD           
                                                                                          SHRIKANT T PATIL FOR R3        
                                                                                          R B DESHPANDE FOR R3           
                                                                                          R4(1)-ERAWWA SD                
                                                                                          R4(2)-GIRIMALLA B SAPURI SD    

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 7
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  44. WP       49299/2003            (LR      ,        ) ARAVIND D KULKARNI                GA FOR R1,R2                   
      (DATE)                                            P1A,B(I & D)                      LAXMAN T MANTAGANI FOR R3      
                                                        P1B(II) & P1B(III) ARE MINORS                                    
                                                        REP BY P1B(I)                                                    
                                                        J V HULSOOR FOR P1A-D                                            

  45. WP       51149/2003            (LR      ,        ) RAMACHANDRA G BHAT                HCGP FOR R1-R2                 
      (DATE)                                            S R HEGDE FOR P1(A-F)             M/S LAWYERS INC FOR R3(A-G)    
                                                                                          S KRISHNA MURTHY FOR C/R3(D)   
                                                                                          HARSHA DESAI FOR R3(A-D)       
                                                                                          PETITION AGAINST R4 & R10A     
                                                                                          STAND DISMISSED                
                                                                                          R5 - RAMA ESHWARA HEGDE-SD     
                                                                                          R6A - SUBRAMANYA SHIVARAMA     
                                                                                          HEGDE -S D                     
                                                                                          R7 - SATYANARAYANA SUBRAYA     
                                                                                          HEGDE - SD                     
                                                                                          R8 LAKSHMINARAYANA - SD        
                                                                                          R9A - GOPALA RAMAKRISHNA       
                                                                                          BHAT - SD                      
                                                                                          R11A - GOVINDA PANCHANE        
                                                                                          HEGDE -SD                      
                                                                                          R12 - SAMABAIAH GANESH HEGDE   

  46. WP       9896/2004             (LR      ,        ) NOEL GONSALVES & SURESH S BHAT    GA FOR R1&2                    
      (LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                    R B DESPANDE & N S BHAT        
      (DATE)                                                                              FOR R3(A,B,D)                  
                                                                                          R3C: DECEASED-                 
                                                                                          R3A, B AND D ARE TREATED       
                                                                                          AS LRS OF DECD- R3C            
                                                                                          GANAPATI M BHAT FOR: R3(A&B)   

  47. WP       11624/2004            (LR      ,        ) DINESH M KULKARNI                 GA FOR R1& R4                  
      (RECORDS RECEIVED IN                              VIJAYANAND SHANKARRAO SHINDE      M B NARGUND FOR R2(A-D)        
      AG OFFICE)                                        RAMAKANT V SHINDE                 DINESH M PATIL FOR R2B         
      (DATE)                                                                              R3-SURESH-SD                   

  48. WP       11690/2004            (LR      ,        ) V D GANIGER & ASSTS               GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1 & R2      
      LCR RECEIVED IN AG OFFICE                         M K GIRISH                        R3 VEERABHADRAPPA BADIGER SD   
      (DATE)                                                                              R4-NAGAPPA BADIGER - SD        
                                                                                          R5-GURUNATH - SD               

  49. WP       11715/2004            (LR      ,        ) DAYANAND S PATIL                  GA FOR R1,R2 & R5              
      (LCR RECEIVED AT AG'S OFFICE)                                                       B N SHETTY FOR R3              
      (DATE)                                                                              R4-SEETHA-SD                   

  50. WP       11746/2004            (LR      ,        ) MALLIKARJUN B HIREMATH            GA FOR R1                      
      (DATE)                                            D S HOSMATH                       MADHUKAR DESHPANDE FOR: R2     
                                                                                          K L PATIL, SRINIVAS NAIK,      
                                                                                          S L PARANDE, HAREESH PATIL,    
                                                                                          Z K KABBUR, S B NAIK FOR: R2   

  51. WP       12105/2004            (LR      ,        ) HEMANT R CHANDANGOUDAR            GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      (V/O DTD: 5/4/04 GA IS                                                              JAYAVANT AND AMRUTESHWAR       
      DIRECTED TO SECURE                                                                  S BULLALLI FOR: R3             

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 8
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  52. WP       12220/2004            (LR      ,        ) V R DATAR                         GA FOR R1 & R2                 
      V/O/D: 01-04-2004 GA IS                                                             PRAKASH HEGDE K FOR: C/R3      
      DIRECTED TO SECURE RECORDS                                                          DINESH M KULKARNI FOR: R3-R5   

  53. WP       12328/2004            (LR      ,        ) G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRY             GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      IA-1/18 FOR IMPLEADING FILED                      R M KULKARNI FOR PROP P3          R NAGENDRA NAIK FOR R3(A-E)    
      BY PROP IMPLEADING                                                                  GANGADHAR R HOSAKERI           
      APPLICANT                                                                           FOR: R3(A & B)                 
      (LCR RECEIVED IN AG OFFICE)                                                         CHANDRAKANTH R GOULAY          
      (DATE)                                                                              FOR: R4(A&B) & R5              

  54. WP       16766/2004            (LR      ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      (DATE)                                                                              M B NARAGUND & SONA VAKKUND    
                                                                                          FOR: R3                        
                                                                                          MALLIKARJUNASWAMY B            
                                                                                          HIREMATH FOR: R3 & R4          
                                                                                          HARISH MAIGUR FOR R3-R5        
                                                                                          R3-R5 ARE TREATED AS LRS       
                                                                                          OF DECD-R6                     
                                                                                          VIGHNESHWARA S SHASTRI FOR:R7  
                                                                                          R8-VIMALA BAI -SD              
                                                                                          R9 DELETED                     

  55. WP       16932/2004            (LR      ,        ) GODE NAGARAJ                      GA FOR R1 & R2                 
      A/W IA-1/2004 FOR PRODUCTION                      S A KHUDDUS & SHRISHAILA          RAVI S BALAKAI FOR R3(A-F)     
      OF ADDL- DOCUMENTS                                                                  P S MALIPATIL FOR R4           
      (GA TO SECURE RECORDS)                                                              SADIQ N GOODWALA FOR R4        
      (DATE)                                                                              B MUHAMMED ALI FOR: R4         

  56. WP       17284/2004            (LR      ,        ) RAVI B NAIK                       GA FOR R1                      
      (DATE)                                                                              G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRY          
                                                                                          FOR R2-R5                      

  57. WP       17434/2004            (LR      ,        ) RAVI S BALIKAI                    GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      (LCR RECIEVED AT AG OFFICE)                                                         VIGHNESHWARA S SHASTRY         
      (DATE)                                                                              FOR: R3 & R4                   

  58. WP       17738/2004            (LR      ,        ) S P KULKARNI:                     THE STATE, RD, B'LORE : R1-SD  
      (DATE)                                            SOMASHEKAR ANGADI                 THE LT, HUBLI : R2-SD          
                                                        SUNITA P KALASOOR                 LAXMAVVA : R3 - ABATED         
                                                                                          V/O/D: 05-08-2013              
                                                                                          VIGHNESHWAR S SHASTRI          
                                                                                          FOR: C/R4                      
                                                                                          A S PATIL FOR : R4             
                                                                                          THE TAHSILDAR HUBLI : R5-SD    

  59. WP       18069/2004            (LR      ,        ) VIGHNESHWAR S SHASTRI             R1-STATE BY REV- SECY SD       
      (DATE)                                                                              R2-LT, HAVERI SD               
                                                                                          S R HEGDE,P K SANNIGMMANAVAR   
                                                                                          P T AREGULI FOR: R3            
                                                                                          K S SHRIKANTH AND ASSO- FOR R3 

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 9
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  60. WP       18592/2004            (LR      ,        ) JAGDISH PATIL                     GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      (DATE)                                                                              CHANDRAKANTH R GOULAY FOR      
                                                                                          R4 :ANNAPPA - SD               
                                                                                          R5 :LAXMAN BALU - SD           

  61. WP       18681/2004            (LR      ,        ) R H ANGADI FOR P1(A-G)            R1-DELETED                     
      V/O/D:20-08-2015, GA TO SECURE                    P2(A-J) P4 & P5                   SHRIKANT T PATIL FOR           
      RECORDS                                           N SHANTHKUMAR                     R2 - R6 & R9                   
      (DATE)                                            AJITH A SHETTY                    R1-6 & 9 ARE TREATED AS LRS    
                                                                                          OF DECD- R7 & 8                
                                                                                          S P KULKARNI FOR C/R5          
                                                                                          KIRAN KUMAR (M/S PATIL &       
                                                                                          PATIL) FOR R10(A-F)            
                                                                                          GA FOR R11 & R12               

  62. WP       21382/2004            (LR      ,        ) B S KAMATE                        GA FOR R1 & R2                 
      (DATE)                                                                              K S PATIL FOR: R3              
                                                                                          R4 ANNASAHEB N CHUNAMARI-H/S   
                                                                                          R5A SHANKAR R CHUNAMARI-H/S    
                                                                                          R5B  - NARASAPPA R CHUNAMARI   
                                                                                          R6 KAMALA A CHUNAMARI: H/S     
                                                                                          R7 SHREE SWAMI JAGADGURU       
                                                                                          SHANKARACHARYA MATH- SD        

  63. WP       24923/2004            (LR      ,        ) GODE NAGARAJ SIRIGERI             GOVT. ADVOCATE                 
      (DATE)                                            B N ANANTHA NARAYANA                                             
                                                        D G CHINNAPPA GOWDA                                              

  64. WP       25471/2004            (LR      ,        ) I G GACHCHINAMATH                 GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      (LT RECORDS RECEIVED IN                                                             VIGHNESHWAR S SHASTRY FOR R3   
      AG'S OFFICE)                                                                                                       

  65. WP       25747/2004            (LR      ,        ) S R HEGDE HUDLAMANE               GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      (AGA IS DIRECTED TO SECURE                                                          A R HOLLA FOR: R3              

  66. WP       26121/2004            (LR      ,        ) SACHIN MAGADUM                    GOVT ADV FOR R1                
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                    RAJASHEKHAR SEERI                 H M DHARIGOND FOR R2           
      (DATE)                                                                              R3 DELETED                     
     Connected With
      WP           43246/2003                                S M CHANDRASHEKAR                 HCGP FOR R1 & 2               

                                                        MRUTYUNJAY TATA BANGI             H M DHARIGOND FOR R3           

  67. WP       26233/2004            (LR      ,        ) V M SHEELVANT & J BASAVARAJ       GA FOR R1-R2                   
      (DATE)                                            S H MITTALKOD                     BASAVARAJ KAREDDY FOR: R3-R5   
                                                        VINAY S KOUJALAGI                 RAMAKRISHNA HEGDE FOR: R6      
                                                        M L VANTI                         M RAGHAVENDRA ACHAR FOR R7&8   
                                                        VIJAYALAKSHMI M N FOR P1A-E                                      
     Connected With

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 10
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
      WP           16449/2004                                BASAVARAJ KAREDDY                 V M SHEELAVANTH FOR: R1       

                                                                                          M RAGHAVENDAR ACHAR FOR R2&4   
                                                                                          R3- DATTARAYA -SD              
                                                                                          GA FOR: R5 & R6                

  68. WP       26605/2004            (LR      ,        ) S N ASWATHANARAYANA               GA FOR: R1                     
      (DATE)                                                                              M/S- A K VASANATH AND          
                                                                                          M K GIRISH ASSOS- FOR R2       
                                                                                          DINESH M KULKARNI FOR: R2      

  69. WP       26771/2004            (LR      ,        ) H M DHARIGOND                     GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      (GA TO SECURE RECORD )                            S V TILGUL & NEELAKANTAPPA        R3- BIRADAR NAVAB NEVZ- SD     

  70. WP       30096/2004            (LR      ,        ) F V PATIL                         GA FOR R1-R3                   
      (LCR RECEIVED BY AG OFFICE)                                                         R4-A1: SHIVALEELA-SD           
      (DATE)                                                                              R4-A2-SUVARNA- SD              
                                                                                          R4-A3-RAJESHWARI - SD          
                                                                                          R4-A4-GANGAMMA -SD             
                                                                                          R4-A5- LAXMI- SD               
                                                                                          R4-A6: JYOTI -SD               
                                                                                          R4-B1- ANUSUYA- SD             
                                                                                          R4C - PRAKASH H/S              
                                                                                          SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR           
                                                                                          FOR: R4D                       
                                                                                          R4E- RATNAVVA : -SD            
                                                                                          R4F- KASTURI : -SD             
                                                                                          R4G- SMT- NIRMALA -SD          
                                                                                          R4H- ANNAPURNA- SD             
     Connected With
      WP           30097/2004                                F V PATIL                         GA FOR R1-R3                  

      RECORD RECEIVED AT AGA                                                              ANOOP DESHPANDE FOR: R4        
      OFFICE                                                                              SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR FOR: R4   
      WP           20310/2004                                F V PATIL                         GA FOR R1-R3                  

      LCR RECEIVED AT AG'S OFFICE                                                         ANOOP DESHPANDE FOR R4B & R5   
                                                                                          SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR           
                                                                                          FOR R4B & R5                   
                                                                                          (R4A MINOR REP- BY R4B)        
      WP           20315/2004                                F V PATIL                         GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1-R3       

      (HCGP IS DIRECTED TO SECURE                                                         SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR FOR R4    
      RECORDS)                                                                            ANOOP DESHPANDE FOR R4         
      WP           30094/2004                                F V PATIL                         GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1-R3       

                                                                                          SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR FOR R4A   
      WP           20306/2004                                F V PATIL                         GA FOR R1-R3                  

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    3                  Page No : 11
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                                                                                          SANJEEV V HANCHATE FOR: C/R4   
                                                                                          ANOOP DESHPANDE FOR R5(A-I)    
                                                                                          SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR FOR       
                                                                                          LRS OF R5                      
      WP           20305/2004                                F V PATIL                         GA FOR R1-3                   

                                                                                          SANTOSH B MALAGOUDAR FOR       
                                                                                          ANOOP G DESHPANDE FOR R4(A-G)  
      WP           30095/2004                                F V PATIL                         GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1-R3       

                                                                                          R4A :MALLAVVA- SD              
                                                                                          ANOOP DESHPANDE FOR: R5        

  71. WP       30151/2004            (LR      ,        ) R H ANGADI                        GA FOR: R1 & R2                
      (V/O DTD: 27/7/04 HCGP TO                         M H SAWKAR                        S S PATIL FOR R3A              
      SECURE RECORDS)                                                                     ANIL KALE FOR R3(B-C)          

  72. WP       46476/2004            (LR      ,        ) SURESH P HUDEDAGADDI              GA FOR R1,R2                   
      (DATE)                                                                              M M PATIL & BALARAJ S PATIL    
                                                                                          FOR R3                         
                                                                                          VISHALAKSHI : R4 WP ABATED     

  73. WP       48720/2004            (LB      ,RES     ) V P KULKARNI                      GA FOR R1                      
      (DATE)                                                                              S V YAJI  & G R RAMESH FOR R2  
                                                                                          NARAYAN V YAJI FOR C/R3        
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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   1. MFA      100942/2014           (LAC     ,        ) G N NARASAMMANAVAR                C S PATIL FOR R2               
      AWAITING SERVICE OF                                                                 ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER         
      NOTICE TO R3                                                                        & THE LAO HAVERI R1 SD         

   2. STA      100015/2015           (        ,        ) NARAYAN G RASALKAR                GOVT ADV                       
      NON FILING OF AFFIDAVIT                                                                                            
      IN SUPPORTED BY CD                                                                                                 
      (IA 1/2016 FOR CD IS PENDING)                                                                                      

   3. WA       100541/2017           (GM      ,RES     ) SHIVANAGOL VEERABHADRA            MANJUNATH A KARIGANNAVAR       
      DISMISSAL OF WRIT APPEAL                          D B KARIGAR                       & R D DESAI FOR C/R            
      AS PER COURT ORDER                                BASAVARAJ G PUJARI                (CN 20145/2017) RETURN WITH    
      DTD:20/02/2018                                    A S DALWAI                        OFFICE OBJECTION               

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING

   4. WA       100633/2017           (L       ,TER     ) M G MALAVADE                                                     
      IA 1/2018 FOR STAY                                                                                                 

                     FINAL HEARING

   5. WA       100629/2015           (S       ,R       ) S S YADRAMI                       K S KORISHETTAR                
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