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             ON Monday     THE 20TH DAY OF February  2017 
                        AT 10.30 AM
                   COURT HALL NO : 6

                         LIST NO. 1     

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 1
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp


   1. MSA      1/2014               (LA      ,        ) B M SIDDAPPA                                                     
                                                       HARISH N R                                                       

   2. RSA      2073/2008            (DEC     ,        ) VENKATESH R BHAGAT                R1 - RANGAPPA SD               
      (BY SPECIAL ORDERS                                                                 R2 - THOPAMMA SD               
      DTD-9-7-2010)                                                                      R3 - SHIVA SD                  
      (BOTH LCRS KEPT BELOW)                                                             R4 - JAYARANGA SD              
                                                                                         R5 - NINGARAJU SD              


   3. WP       29589/2015           (GM      ,FOR     ) A K SUBBAIAH                      GOVT ADV                       
      (FOR DICTATION)                                                                                                   
      REG: IA 1/16 FOR EARLY                                                                                            


   4. WP       57605-57612/2015     (LA      ,HS      ) H G SHIVANANDA                    K KRISHNA FOR R4               
      BY SPL ORDERS                                                                      GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1 & 2       
      A/W IA 3/16 FOR DIRECTION                                                          K L ASHOK FOR R3               
      2) IA 4/16 FOR DIRECTION                                                           C G GOPALA SWAMY FOR R6        
      3) IA 5/16 FOR VACATING                                                            G B SHASTRY FOR R5             
      INTERIM ORDER                                                                      A KESHAVA BHAT &               
      4) IA 10/16 FOR VACATING                                                           B S SRINIVAS FOR R7 - R21      
      INTERIM ORDER                                                                                                     

                    FINAL HEARING

   5. MSA      59/2010              (LA      ,        ) P KRISHNAPPA                      M GEETHA, HCGP                 
     Connected With
    MSA        60/2010                                  P KRISHNAPPA                      M GEETHA, HCGP                 

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 2
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
    MSA        61/2010                                  P KRISHNAPPA                      M GEETHA HCGP                  

    MSA        62/2010                                  P KRISHNAPPA                      NASRULLA KHAN TAKE             

                                                                                         NOTICE FOR R1                  
                                                                                         (VK NOT FILED)                 
                                                                                         M GEETHA FOR R2                
    MSA        63/2010                                  P KRISHNAPPA                      NASRULLA KHAN TAKE             

                                                                                         NOTICE TO R1                   
                                                                                         (VK NOT FILED)                 
                                                                                         M GEETHA FOR R2                

   6. MSA      76/2014              (RO      ,        ) VIGHNESHWAR S SHASTRI             M E NAGESH FOR R1 & R2         
      A/W NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                              SHEELA KRISHNA FOR R3          
      OFFICE OBJNS RAISED                                                                R4- K SURENDRA RAO SD          
      ON IA 1/16 FOR VACATING                                                                                           
      STAY FILED BY ADVOCATE                                                                                            
      FOR R3                                                                                                            
      (NOTE: A LETTER DTD 15/03/2016                                                                                    
      RECEIVED FROM                                                                                                     
      SMT INDIRAMMA (R3)                                                                                                
      ADDRESSED TO THE                                                                                                  
      HON'BLE CHIEF JUSTICE                                                                                             
      AND HIS LORDSHIP HAS                                                                                              
      ENDORSED TO REQUEST FOR                                                                                           
      'EARLY DISPOSAL' IS K/B                                                                                           
      2)) A LETTER DTD 21/11/16,                                                                                        
      RECEIVED FROM KARNATAKA                                                                                           
      GOVERNMENT SECRETARIAT,                                                                                           
      V V TOWER, B'LURU                                                                                                 
      A/W ENCLOSURES                                                                                                    
      OF SMT INDIRAMMA IS K/B)                                                                                          

   7. RP       182/2011             (        ,        ) B V VIDYULATHA                    R L PATIL FOR R1 TO R15        
      (BY GEN ORDER-RSA-2002                                                             ASHISH KRUPAKAR FOR            
      ROSTER)                                                                            LRS OF R11(A-D)                
      A/W MISC CVL NO 9420/2011                                                                                         
      FOR CD OF 73 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                       
      2) MISC CVL 9421/11 FOR STAY                                                                                      

   8. RSA      113/2005             (PAR     ,        ) B ROOPESHA, ADV FOR               P MAHESHA FOR R1(A)            
      A/W IA 2/05 FOR STAY                             APPLNT NO 1(A-C)                  R2A-PUTTANANJAMMA              
      2) IA 3/05 FOR STAY                                                                R2B-ALUMELAMMA                 
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                      ARE HELD SUFFICIENT            
                                                                                         V-O DT-01-04-2008              
     Connected With
    RSA        114/2005                                 B ROOPESHA &                      P MAHESHA                      

      PB KEPT BELOW                                    SANDEEP M K FOR                   R1(A)- MUDDEGOWDA SD           

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 3
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

   9. RSA      1563/2005            (        ,        ) M SIVAPPA                         R1-SHAMBULINGGOWDA @           
      PB'S KEPT BELOW                                                                    PAPANNA - SERVICE              
      DATE                                                                               HELD SUFFICIENT                
                                                                                         V/O DTD-13-9-2010              
                                                                                         R2-A R NAGARATHNA SD           
     Connected With
    RSA        765/2006                                 M SIVAPPA                         R1-SHAMBULINGEGOWDA @          

      A/W IA 2/16 FOR TI                                                                 PAPANNA - SERVICE H/S          
      PB'S KEPT BELOW                                                                    V/O DTD 21/10/11               
                                                                                         H B CHANDRASHEKAR &            
                                                                                         H M MANJESH FOR R2 (NOC)       

  10. RSA      1785/2005            (DEC     ,        ) K RAGHAVENDRA RAO                 H V NIRMALA SIDDAIAH           
      A/W IA-I/06 FOR STAY                             V VIDYA IYER                      FOR C/R1-2 IN CP 591/05        
      (REPORT RECEIVED FROM                                                              R3-G H LALITHA &               
      THE COMMISSIONER, CITY                                                             R4-G H ROOPA ARE               
      CORPORATION, DAVANGERE                                                             SERVICE HELD SUFFICIENT        
      IS KEPT BELOW)                                                                     V/O/DT-24-09-07                
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                      V/O DTD 10-12-14 R2-R4 ARE     
      DATE                                                                               LRS OF DECD R1                 

  11. RSA      2397/2006            (INJ     ,        ) JAYAKUMAR (NOC)                   K SHASHIKIRAN SHETTY FOR R1    
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                      A RAVISHANKAR FOR R2           
      DATE                                                                               R3-B N CHANDRALEKHA SD         
                                                                                         R4(D)-N C DAYANANDA SD         
                                                                                         R5-B N VASANTHA SD             
                                                                                         M SIVAPPA ASSTS                
                                                                                         P C SUNITHA &                  
                                                                                         T N MAHENDRA SWAMY             
                                                                                         FOR R4(A-C,E & F)              
                                                                                         V/O/DTD 23/08/16               
                                                                                         SERVICE OF NOTICE TO           
                                                                                         PRPSD R4(G)- LATHA             
                                                                                         IS HELD SUFFICIENT             

  12. RSA      3440/2006            (DEC/INJ ,        ) B V PRAKASHA ANGADI               A V GANGADHARAPPA FOR          
                                                       M B NARAGUND                      R1, R2(A TO H)                 
                                                       SONA VAKKUND(NOC)                                                
     Connected With
    RSA        3167/2006                                A V GANGADHARAPPA &               HANUMANTHAPPA -R1 SD           

      PB KEPT BELOW                                    G RAVISHANKAR                     RAMAPPA -R2 SD                 
    RSA        3168/2006                                A V GANGADHARAPPA                 M B NARAGUND                   

                                                       & G RAVISHANKAR                                                  

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 4
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  13. RSA      3495/2006            (RES     ,        ) K V NARASIMHAN &                  VISHWANATH R HEGDE             
      PB KEPT BELOW                                    KEMPEGOWDA                        FOR R2 TO R7                   
                                                                                         VISHWANATH R HEGDE FOR C/R3    
                                                                                         IN CP 1235/06 & 1317/06        
                                                                                         V/O/DT: 23-10-08, R2-R7 ARE    
                                                                                         LRS OF DECD R1                 

  14. RSA      701/2007             (PAR     ,        ) M V REVANA SIDDAIAH (NOC)         M/S SUBBARAO & CO              
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                      B V GANGIREDDY FOR R1,         
                                                                                         R3(A-C) AND R5                 
                                                                                         REUBEN JACOB FOR R2            
                                                                                         V/C/O DTD-05-10-10 SERVICE     
                                                                                         HELD SUFFICIENT IN R/O         
                                                                                         R4B-M B KAVITHA                
                                                                                         R4C-M B GEETHA                 
                                                                                         R4D-M B SHASHIKALA             
                                                                                         R6-MARUTHAPPA SD               

  15. RSA      1534/2007            (INJ     ,        ) B M SIDDAPPA                      B K MANJUNATH FOR R1-R3        
      PBS KEPT BELOW                                   R SHASHIDHAR                                                     
     Connected With
    RSA        1535/2007                                B M SIDDAPPA                      B K MANJUNATH FOR R1-R3        

      A/W NON FILING OF PAPER                          R SHASHIDHARA                                                    

  16. RSA      1558/2007            (INJ     ,        ) K V NARASIMHAN                    T N RAGHUPATHY                 
      PB'S KEPT BELOW                                                                                                   

  17. RSA      1583/2007            (PAR     ,        ) B V PUTTE GOWDA                   MALLAREDDY B V FOR C/R1 & R2   
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                      S K VENKATA REDDY FOR C/R3     
                                                                                         (CP NOS-511/07 & 513/07)       
                                                                                         S K VENKATA REDDY FOR          
                                                                                         R4, R6 AND R7                  
                                                                                         MAHANTESH S HOSMATH FOR R5     
                                                                                         V/O/DT: 06-09-2012 LRS OF      
                                                                                         R3 ARE ALREADY ON RECORD       
     Connected With

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 5
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

    RSA        1584/2007                                B V PUTTE GOWDA                   MAHANTESH S HOSMATH            

      A/W IA 2/08 FOR VACATING TI                                                        FOR R5                         
                                                                                         R1-Y O PRAKASH  SD             
                                                                                         R2-PUTTARAJU SD                
                                                                                         R3-MAYAMMA SD                  
                                                                                         R4-THIMMAKKA SD                
                                                                                         R6-Y T KRISHNAMURTHY SD        
                                                                                         R7-THAYAKKA SD                 

  18. RSA      1591/2007            (SP      ,        ) M RAM BHAT &                      H KANTHARAJ                    
                                                       SREEPADA ASSOCTS                  ROHITH D K                     
                                                       B R PRASANNA                                                     

  19. RSA      1619/2007            (INJ     ,        ) KUKKAJE RAMAKRISHNA BHAT          K GIRIDHAR                     
      PB KEPT BELOW                                    VIJAY KRISHNA BHAT                                               

  20. RSA      1750/2007            (DEC/INJ ,        ) M VINAYA KEERTHY                  P M SIDDAMALLAPPA              
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                      P M GOPI                       
                                                                                         MYLARAIAH ASSOCTS FOR R1       
                                                                                         R2-KHAJI KHALIMULLA SD         
                                                                                         R3-H NISSAR AHMED SD           
                                                                                         R4-NIYAZ AHMED SD              

  21. RSA      2139/2007            (DEC/INJ ,        ) M R NANJUNDA GOWDA                CHANDRA MOHAN J G              
      PB KEPT BELOW                                    & ASSOCIATES                                                     

  22. WP       46471/2011           (LB      ,RES     ) M/S KING & PARTRIDGE              AGA FOR R1                     
      BY SPL ORDERS                                    NITIN PRASAD                      KESVY & CO FOR R2-4            
                                                                                         T V NARAYAN MURTHY &           
                                                                                         T N ASHA FOR R5                
     Connected With
    WP         46473/2011                               M/S KING & PARTRIDGE              AGA FOR R1                     

                                                                                         KESVY & CO FOR                 
                                                                                         H N SHASHIDHARA FOR R2-4       
                                                                                         R5-MANAGER, CANARA BANK SD     

                    ORDERS - 2:30 PM

  23. MSA      90/2015              (LA      ,        ) N S SANJAY GOWDA                  A V GANGADHARAPPA &            
      REG: NON-COMPLIANCE OF                                                             G RAVISHANKAR FOR R1           
      OFFICE OBJECTIONS                                                                  (NOTICE NOT YET ORDERED)       
      (2ND TIME)                                                                                                        

  24. MSA      48/2016              (RO      ,        ) V B SHIVA KUMAR                   M BYREGOWDA FOR R1             
      REG: NON-FURNISHING OF PF                                                          R6 TO R8 & R10                 
      CA ETC TO ISSUE NOTICE                                                             R2- V SRINIVAS REDDY SD        
      TO R3                                                                              R4-PRAKASH SD                  

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 6
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

      2) COMPLIANCE OF OFFICE                                                            R5- LOKESH SD                  
      OBJN IN IA-I/17 FILED FOR                                                          R9- VENKATASWAMY REDDY SD      
      PAPER PUBLICATION                                                                  R13-GOPALA REDDY SD            
      (RETURNED IA-I/17 KEPT                                                             V/O/DT: 24-01-2017 SERVICE     
      BELOW)                                                                             OF NOTICE TO                   
                                                                                         R11 -ANITHA                    
                                                                                         R12 - V JAGADISH ARE HELD      

  25. MSA      67/2016              (RO      ,        ) SATHISH S P                                                      
      REG: NON-FURNISHING OF                                                                                            
      PF CA ETC TO ISSUE E/N                                                                                            
      TO RESPT                                                                                                          
      2) NON-FILING OF ACK                                                                                              
      BY COUNSEL FOR APPELLANT                                                                                          
      AS DIRECTED V/O/DT: 03-11-2016                                                                                    

  26. MSA      81/2016              (RO      ,        ) M S VARADARAJAN                   N SUBBA SHASTRY FOR R1 TO R5   
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF                                                             R6- SANAMMA SD                 
      CA CORRECT ADDRESS                                                                 R7- BORAIAH SD                 
      ISSUE FRESH NOTICE TO R8                                                           R9- NATHAIAH SD                
      (2ND TIME)                                                                         R10- PUTTARAMA SD              

  27. RP       735/2013             (        ,        ) VISHWAJITH SHETTY S                                              
      (BY GENERAL ORDER                                                                                                 
      DTD 12-8-10 SB ROSTER)                                                                                            
      REG: NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                            
      ORDER DTD 13/7/16                                                                                                 

  28. RSA      483/2002             (        ,        ) PRAMILA ASSOCIATES                P MAHESHA FOR R1(A TO C)       
      REG: NON-FILING OF MEMO                          SOUJANYA                          R1(E)(II), R1(E)(III)          
      REGARDING DEATH OF RESPONDENTS                                                     R1(A)(A)-VISHALAKSHMMA SD      
      V/O DTD 02/01/2017                                                                 R1(A)(D)-GUNDAMMA SD           
      DATE                                                                               R1(B)(B)-A N SRIKANTA SD       
                                                                                         R1(B)(C)-A S SOMANATH SD       
                                                                                         R1(B)(D)-KASHINATH SD          
                                                                                         R1(B)(E)-JAGANNATH SD          
                                                                                         R1(B)(F)-SWARNAMBA SD          
                                                                                         R1(B)(H)- SUSHEELA SD          
                                                                                         R1(F)-A V ANANTHARAMAN SD      
                                                                                         T N RAGHUPATHY FOR R1(A-C)     
                                                                                         R1(B)(I), R1(E)(II) &          
                                                                                         R1(E)(III) (NOC)               
                                                                                         V/O DTD 07/09/16 & 29/11/16    
                                                                                         APPEAL AGAINST R1(B)(A)        
                                                                                         IS DISMISSED AS ABATED         
                                                                                         V/O/DT: 21-04-2016 APPEAL      
                                                                                         STANDS DISMISSED AS ABATED     
                                                                                         AS AGAINST R1(B) (G) R1(C) &   

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 7
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  29. RSA      2097/2005            (PAR     ,        ) REVANNA BELLARY                   R1-REVANASIDDAPPA SD           
      (AS PER GENERAL ORDER                                                              R2-A M VIJAYAPPA SD            
      DT: 27-08-2010)                                                                    R3-R PARAMESHWARAPPA SD        
      REG: MEMO DT: 07-02-2017                                                           R4-NANJAPPA SD                 
      FILED BY ADVOCATE FOR                                                              B M SIDDAPPA  FOR C/R5 & 60    
      APPELLANT                                                                          CP NO 669/2005                 
      CH MOVED                                                                           B M SIDDAPPA FOR R73, R45 &    
                                                                                         K RAGHAVENDRA RAO FOR R7,R8,   
                                                                                         R10, R13, R15, R18, R21, R23,  
                                                                                         R26, R29, R30, R32, R33, R37 & 
                                                                                         MAHESH R UPPIN FOR R34         
                                                                                         CHANDRASHEKAR C CHANASPUR      
                                                                                         FOR R38                        
                                                                                         R11-SULTAN A VAZID SD          
                                                                                         R16-A M MALLINATH SD           
                                                                                         R17-P SIDDESHWARA GOWDA SD     
                                                                                         R42-K V NAGARAJAPPA SD         
                                                                                         R47-V R SHAMBHULINGAPPA SD     
                                                                                         R52-S RAMESH SD                
                                                                                         R53-CHANDRAMMA SD              
                                                                                         R54-VISHWA SD                  
                                                                                         V/O DTD 30/11/15               
                                                                                         S V PRAKASH FOR R66(A-B)       
                                                                                         (NOC OBTAINED FROM             
                                                                                         PREVIOUS COUNSEL)              
                                                                                         R67-S RAMESHA SD               
                                                                                         R79-H S SIDEESH & RAVI N S SD  
                                                                                         R80-SANNI BABULAL JAIN SD      
                                                                                         V/O DTD 14-6-12 SERVICE HELD   
                                                                                         SUFFICIENT IN R/O              
                                                                                         R48-M SHEKHARAIAH              
                                                                                         V/O DTD 5-4-13 SERVICE HELD    
                                                                                         SUFFICIENT IN R/O              
                                                                                         R9-V ANNA DORAI                
                                                                                         R12-K SUDARSHAN                
                                                                                         R14-K S VEERABHADRAPPA         
                                                                                         R22-G M TIPPANNA               
                                                                                         R24-D K NAGARAJAPPA            
                                                                                         R25-G M TIPPANNA               
                                                                                         R27-K HARISH                   
                                                                                         R31-S RANI                     

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 8
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                                                                                         R35-N MANJUNATHA               
                                                                                         R36-K KAVITHA GANJI            
                                                                                         R40-A B RAMAPPA                
                                                                                         R41-SHANTHAKUMARI B            
                                                                                         R43-K B GAYATHRIDEVI           
                                                                                         R49-G R ISHWARAPPA             
                                                                                         R50-P CHANDRASHEKAR GOUDA      
                                                                                         R51-M E MADHUKUMAR             
                                                                                         R56-KUMARI DEEPA               
                                                                                         R59-V H LALITHA                
                                                                                         R62-KIRAN (MINOR REPTD         
                                                                                         BY HIMANTHARAJAPPA)            
                                                                                         R69-BASAVARAJ G                
                                                                                         R71-S G THIPPESHAPPA           
                                                                                         R72-B S CHANDRAPPA             
                                                                                         R74-G BASAVARAJA               
                                                                                         R75-SHANTHADEVI BASAPPA        
                                                                                         R76-C REVANA SIDDAPPA          
                                                                                         R77- VINUTHA                   
                                                                                         R78-UMA G GUBBI                
                                                                                         R81-SUDHA M K                  
                                                                                         R82-B G SRIKANTH               
                                                                                         R83-MUDDUKUMAR M               
                                                                                         R84-MANJULA M                  
                                                                                         B M SIDDAPPA FOR C/R5 & R60    
                                                                                         R68-DELETED V/O DT 25/02/13    
                                                                                         V/O DTD 28/3/16 - NO NEED      
                                                                                         TO TAKE STEPS FOR SERVICE      
                                                                                         OF NOTICE TO R6                
     Connected With
    RSA        2096/2005                                REVANNA BELLARY                   S V PRAKASH FOR R1(A-B)        

      (AS PER GENERAL ORDER                                                              V/O DT-29-8-07 SERVICE OF      
      DT: 27-08-2010)                                                                    NOTICE IS DISPENSED WITH       
      REG: MEMO DT: 07-02-2017                                                           IN RESPECT OF R1-R3,           
      FILED BY ADVOCATE FOR                                                              R8,9,11,14,16,17,21 TO 23      
      APPELLANT                                                                          R30,31,37,38,41,43,45-49,R51,  

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 9
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

      2) IA-I/08 FOR TI                                                                  R53,54,57,61 & 63              
      3) IA-II/08 FOR DIRECTION                                                          R4-A M VIJAYAPPA SD            
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                      R5-R PARAMESHWARAPPA SD        
                                                                                         R6-NANJAPPA SD                 
                                                                                         B M SIDDAPPA (VK RETND WITH    
                                                                                         OFFICE OBJNS)                  
                                                                                         B M SIDDAPPA FOR R7, R55,      
                                                                                         R62, R64 & R65                 
                                                                                         R10-G M SATISH SD              
                                                                                         R12-R SATYANARAYANA GUPTA SD   
                                                                                         R13-SULTAN A VAZID SD          
                                                                                         R15-H R SUDARSHAN SD           
                                                                                         R18-A M MALLINATH SD           
                                                                                         A HANUMANTHAPPA FOR R19        
                                                                                         R20-O B BASAVARAJAPPA SD       
                                                                                         R24-G M TIPPANNA SD            
                                                                                         R25-D K NAGARAJAPPA SD         
                                                                                         R26-D K NAGARAJAPPA SD         
                                                                                         R27-G M TIPPANNA SD            
                                                                                         R28-S M ROOPADEVI SD           
                                                                                         R29-K S HARISH SD              
                                                                                         R32-G S MANJULA SD             
                                                                                         R33-S RANI SD                  
                                                                                         R34-MADHUMATI SD               
                                                                                         R35-B NIRMALA SD               
                                                                                         R36-E S PRAKASH SD             
                                                                                         R39-K KOTRAPPA SD              
                                                                                         R40-M N PRABHUSHANKAR SD       
                                                                                         R42-A B RAMAPPA SD             
                                                                                         R44-K V NAGARAJAPPA SD         
                                                                                         R50-M SHEKHARAIAH SD           
                                                                                         R52-P CHANDRASHEKHARGOUDA SD   
                                                                                         R56-S RAMESH SD                
                                                                                         R58-VISHWA SD                  
                                                                                         R59-SHASHI SD                  
                                                                                         R60-KUMARI DEEPA SD            
    RSA.CROB   9/2006                                   B M SIDDAPPA                      REVANNA BELLARY                

      (AS PER GENERAL ORDER                            R SHASHIDHARA                     (VK NOT FILED)                 
      DT: 27-08-2010)                                  T V YUVARAJA                                                     
      IN RSA 2096/05                                                                                                    
    RSA.CROB   10/2006                                  B M SIDDAPPA                      REVANNA BELLARY                

      (AS PER GENERAL ORDER                            R SHASHIDHARA                     (VK NOT FILED)                 
      DT: 27-08-2010)                                  T V YUVARAJA                                                     
      IN RSA 2097/05                                                                                                    

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 10
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  30. RSA      2246/2005            (PAR     ,        ) S R KRISHNA KUMAR (NOC)           B V ACHAR FOR R1               
      REG: COMPLIANCE OF OFFICE                                                          R1(A) - NARASAMMA SD           
      OBJECTION RAISED ON IA-I/17                                                        R1(B) - NAGARAJA SD            
      FOR RE-CALLING THE ORDER                                                           V APPI REDDY FOR PRPSD R1(C)   
      DT: 13-12-2016 I E                                                                 & R2                           
      MEMORANDUM OF FACTS                                                                R1(D) - BHAGYAMMA SD           
      NOT ATTESTED BY                                                                                                   
      DEPUTY REGISTRAR                                                                                                  
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                                                     

  31. RSA      2751/2007            (PAR     ,        ) A NAGARAJAPPA                     VISHWESHWARAIAH S FOR R1-R2    
      REG: NON-COMPLIANCE OF                           J M NAVEEN                        M MUNIGANGAPPA FOR R3(A)       
      OFFICE OBJNS RAISED ON                           PARAS JAIN &                      R4-JAGADAMBA SD                
      VAKALATH FILED BY                                JAGADEESH G P, ADVS                                              
      SRI PARAS JAIN, ADVOCATE                         FOR P'SD LR'S OF DECSD                                           
      2) NON-COMPLIANCE OF                             APPLNT (VK RETURNED)                                             
      OFFICE OBJNS RAISED ON                                                                                            
      IA 1/16 TO IA 3/16 FOR                                                                                            
      BRINGING LR'S OF DECSD                                                                                            
      3) NON-COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                              
      OFFICE OBJNS RAISED ON                                                                                            
      IA 4/16 TO IA 6/16                                                                                                
      FOR BRINGING LR'S OF DECSD R2                                                                                     

                HG-INTERLOCUTARY APPLN-2:30 PM

  32. MSA      57/2015              (        ,        ) RAHAMATHULLA SHARIFF              G B SHASTRY FOR R1 TO R7       
      REG: IA-I/12 FOR CD OF                                                                                            
      15 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                                 
      2) IA-II/12 FOR STAY                                                                                              
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          
     Connected With
    MSA        56/2015                                  RAHAMATHULLA SHARIFF              DEEPASHREE                     

      FOR FURTHER ORDERS                                                                 AMARNATH SIMHA FOR R1 TO R7    
      REG: IA-I/12 FOR CD OF                                                                                            
      34 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                                 
      THE APPEAL AND FOR ORDERS                                                                                         
      2) IA-II/12 FOR STAY                                                                                              

  33. RSA      1049/2006            (PAR     ,        ) KUMAR & KUMAR                     N RAGHUPATHY & VEENA R         
      A/W OFFICE NOTE                                  S SUBHASH                         FOR C/R1                       
      REG: OFFICE NOTE IN R/O                                                            CP 220/06                      
      MEMO DT: 12-03-2015 &                                                              (CAVEAT RETURNED WITH          
      IA - 1/16 TO 4 /2016                                                               OFFICE OBJNS)                  
      2) MEMO DT: 12-03-2015 FOR                                                         J M RAJANNA SHETTY FOR         
      TREATING APPELLANT AS                                                              R1(A & B)                      
      LRS OF DECD R2 AND OBJNS                                                                                          
      TO MEMO DT: 12-03-2015                                                                                            
      FILED BY ADVOCATE FOR                                                                                             
      R1(A) & R1(B)                                                                                                     

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 11
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

      3) IA-1/16 FOR CD OF 973                                                                                          
      DAYS IN FILING THE LR                                                                                             
      4) IA-2/16 FOR CD OF 913                                                                                          
      DAYS IN FILING THE SETTING                                                                                        
      ASIDE APPLN                                                                                                       
      5) IA-3/16 FOR SETTING                                                                                            
      ASIDE THE ABATEMENT                                                                                               
      6) IA-4/16 FOR BRINGING                                                                                           
      LRS OF DECD R2                                                                                                    

  34. RSA      43/2007              (DEC/INJ ,        ) ARUN K S & VINUTHA FOR            R2-SIDDARAMAIAH SD             
      REG: NON COMPLIANCE OF                           A1(A-D), A4 & A5                  R3-ARALAMMA SD                 
      OFFICE OBJN RAISED ON                            A2 & A3 - REPORTED AS DEAD        V/O/DT:  23/01/15  APPEAL      
      IA-I/16 TO 3/2016                                                                  STANDS AS ABATED AGAINST R1    
      2) NON-COMPLAINCE OF                                                                                              
      OFFICE OBJNS RAISED ON                                                                                            
      IA-I/12 AND IA-2/12                                                                                               
      3) IA-3/11 FOR AMENDMENT                                                                                          

  35. RSA      911/2007             (SP      ,        ) B ROOPESH &                       K SRIHARI FOR R2-R4            
      REG: NON FILING OF                               SANDEEP M K                       R1-S GUNDE GOWDA SD            
      VAKALATH BY ADV FOR                                                                                               
      APPELLANT ON BEHALF                                                                                               
      OF P'SD LRS OF DECSD                                                                                              
      2) NON FILING OF IA'S FOR                                                                                         
      RE-CALLING THE ORDER                                                                                              
      DTD 11/9/09                                                                                                       
      3) MISC CIVIL NO 16737/09 FOR                                                                                     
      CD OF 353 DAYS IN FILING                                                                                          
      THE LR APPLN                                                                                                      
      4) MISC CIVIL NO 16738/09 FOR                                                                                     
      SETTING ASIDE THE ABATEMENT                                                                                       
      5) MISC CVL NO 16739/09 FOR                                                                                       
      BRINGING LR'S OF DECEASED                                                                                         
     Connected With
    RSA        910/2007                                 B ROOPESH & SANDEEP M K           RASHEED KHAN & C C RAMESH      

      A/W OFFICE NOTE                                                                    FOR C/R                        
      REG: NON TAKING OF STEPS                                                           (CP NO-179/07)                 
      BY ADV FOR APPELLANT                                                               R1- S GUDE GOWDA SD            
      V/O DTD 4/3/16                                                                     R2-SG MALATHI SD               

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 12
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

      2) NON FILING OF VAKALATH                                                          R3- G SWARNA SD                
      ON BEHALF OF LRS OF                                                                R4- G SONNE GOWDA SD           
      DECSD APPELLANT BY                                                                                                
      ADV FOR APPELLANT                                                                                                 
      3) NON FILING OF IA'S                                                                                             
      FOR RE-CALLING THE                                                                                                
      ORDER DTD 11/9/09                                                                                                 
      4) MISC CVL 16761/09                                                                                              
      FOR CD IN FILING THE LR                                                                                           
      5) MISC CVL 16762/09 FOR                                                                                          
      SETTING ASIDE ABATEMENT                                                                                           
      6) MISC CVL 16763/09 FOR                                                                                          
      BRINGING LRS OF DECD-                                                                                             

  36. RSA      984/2007             (SP      ,        ) SACHIN B S                        V R PRASANNA                   
      REG: IA-I/17 FOR PERMISSION                                                                                       
      FILED BY ADVOCATE FOR                                                                                             
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                                                     

  37. RSA      1096/2007            (RES     ,        ) G PAPI REDDY                      B P PUTTASIDDAIAH FOR C/R1-R3  
      REG: IA-I/16 FOR EARLY                           N R NAGARAJA                      (CP NO-118/07)                 
      HEARING FILED BY                                 V VINOD REDDY                     C K NANDAKUMAR FOR             
      ADVOCATE FOR R1 TO R3                            K J JAGADEESHA                    LR'S OF DECD R2                
      2) IA-4/15 FOR IMPLEADING                        V PADMABUSHAN                     K MANOHARACHARI & NAGAVENI     
      FILED BY ADVOCATE FOR                                                              FOR IMPLEADING APPLICANT       
      IMPLEADING APPLICANT                                                               ON IA 4/15                     
      3) IA-5/15 FOR VACATING                                                                                           
      THE STAY ORDER                                                                                                    
      DT: 17-03-2009 FILED BY                                                                                           
      ADVOCATE FOR IMPLEADING                                                                                           
      4) NON-AMENDMENT OF                                                                                               
      CAUSE TITLE V/O/DT: 06-07-2015                                                                                    
      5) NON-FILING OF AMENDED                                                                                          
      CAUSE TITLE OF THE                                                                                                
      APPEAL MEMO V/O/DT:                                                                                               
      6) COUNTER AFFIDAVIT FILED                                                                                        
      BY ADVOCATE FOR                                                                                                   
      APPELLANTS TO IA-4/15 &                                                                                           
      PB KEPT BELOW                                                                                                     

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    6                  Page No : 13
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  38. RSA      3062/2007            (DEC     ,        ) T N RAGHUPATHY                    H K KENCHEGOWDA                
      REG: IA-I/17 FOR CD IN                           & JAYASHREE G                     FOR R1-R6                      
      FILING DELAY OF 4089 DAYS                                                          PSD R8(A)-PUTTAMADAMMA SD      
      2) IA-2/17 FOR SETTING                                                             PSD R8(B)-MAHADEVAPPA SD       
      ASIDE THE ABATEMENT                                                                P'SD R8(C)-MARIGOWDA SD        
      3) IA-3/17 FOR BRINGING                                                            P'SD R8(D)-K KRISHNA SD        
      THE PROPOSED LEGAL                                                                 P'SD R8(E)-MANJU SD            
      HEIRS OF DECD R7 ON RECORD                                                         P'SD R8(F)-MARIGOWDA SD        
     Connected With
    RSA        2900/2007                                T N RAGHUPATHY &                  R1-C DODDAIAH SD               

      REG: IA 1/07 FOR STAY                            JAISHREE G                                                       
      2 LCRS KEPT BELOW                                                                                                 

  39. WP       60066/2016           (GM      ,RES     ) JAGADEESH H T                     N R NAGARAJ                    
      (BY SPECIAL ORDER                                                                                                 
      DTD 17/02/17)                                                                                                     
      REG: IA 1/17 FOR RECALLING                                                                                        
      THE ORDER DTD 09/01/17                                                                                            
      (AG & FC K/B)                                                                                                     

  40. WP       60237/2016           (GM      ,DRT     ) MOHAMMED AKHIL (NOC)              SOWBHAGYA N A FOR C/R1         
      (WP DISPOSED ON 09/01/17)                        SYED MUJAHID-UL-ISLAM             CP NO 15553/16                 
      REGE: IA 2/17 FOR RECALLING                                                        M R SHASHIDHAR FOR R1          
      THEE ORDER/JUDGEMENT                                                                                              
      DTD 09/01/17                                                                                                      
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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