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             ON Wednesday  THE 03RD DAY OF September 2014 
                        AT 10.30 AM
                   COURT HALL NO : 5

                       ( LIST NO. 1)  

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp



   1. WP       41370/2010          (LB      ,RES     ) S V PRAKASH                       B J ESHWARAPPA FOR R1 & 3      
      REG NON FILING OF ENGLISH                                                           R2-EXECUTIVE OFFICER           
      TRANSLATION COPIES OF                                                               BHADRAVATHI SD                 
      ALL RELEVANT KANNADA                                                                R4-ORGANIZER DALITHA           
      DOCUMENTS BY THE ADV                                                                SANGARSHA SAMITHI SHIMOGA      
      FOR PETITIONER                                                                      SD                             

   2. WP       7943/2014           (LB      ,RES     ) M S MUKARRAM                      B K MANJUNATH                  
      REG NON FURNISHING OF                             MOHAMMED SALEHA                                                  
      ENGLISH TRANSLATION                                                                                                
      COPIES OF ALL  RELEVANT                                                                                            
      KANNADA DOCUMENTS BY                                                                                               
      THE ADV FOR PETITIONER                                                                                             

   3. WP       19052-19053/2014    (LB      ,RES     ) SHRIHARI K                        VISHWANATH R HEGDE FOR         
      MOVED                                                                               R3 R4& R5                      
      REG FURNISHING OF FPF                                                               R2-COMMR, TOWN PLANNING        
      C/A COVER ACK COPIES                                                                OFFICER MANGALORE SD           
      ETC TO ISSUE E/NOTICE                                                                                              
      TO R1 FOR 2ND TIME                                                                                                 
      STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN R/O                                                                                           
      REFUSED R6 (STATE)                                                                                                 

   4. WP       19518-19533/2014    (S       ,PRO     ) MUKKANNAPPA S B                   B L SANJEEV FOR R1 & 2         
      REG: 1) DEFICIT PROCESS                                                             M S BHAGWAT &                  
      FEE OF RS 30 TO BE PAID                                                             D PAVANESH FOR 3-7             
      2) NON-FILING OF ACK FOR                                                            R8 PARASHIVAMURTHY SD          
      HAVING SD THE HAND                                                                  R9 HARSHA A SD                 
      SUMMONS TO R11                                                                      R10 LADLESAB NALATWAD SD       

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
   5. WP       23571/2014          (LB      ,BMP     ) SYED KHALEEL PASHA                                               
      REG MEMO FOR WITHDRAWAL                                                                                            
      OF WP                                                                                                              

   6. WP       28490/2014          (S       ,R       ) SIDDAIAH L                        R2 THE SECRETARY/              
      REG: MEMO FOR EXTENSION                                                             TRESURER,                      
      OF STAY                                                                             KARNATAKA STATE TEACHERS       
      2) FURNISHING OF PF,                                                                BENEFIT FUND SD                
      COVER, ACK AND 1 SET                                                                                               
      OF WP COPY TO ISSUE                                                                                                
      NOTICE TO R1 FOR II TIME                                                                                           

   7. WP       37893/2014          (LB      ,BMP     ) ADINARAYAN                        K B PRAVEEN KUMAR FOR R4       
      REG AWAITING SERVICE OF                                                                                            
      E/NOTICE TO R1-3                                                                                                   

   8. WP       38310/2014          (LB      ,BMP     ) SUMANGALA A SWAMY                 KALEEMULLA SHARIFF FOR R4      
      REG AWAITING SERVICE OF                                                                                            
      NOTICE TO R1-3                                                                                                     
      2) NON COLLECTING OF HAND                                                                                          
      SUMMONS IN R/O R1-3 BY THE                                                                                         
      ADV FOR PETITIONER                                                                                                 

   9. WP       39586-39587/2014    (LB      ,RES     ) SUMANTH KUMAR S PATIL                                            
      REG MEMO FOR WITHDRAWAL                                                                                            
      OF WP                                                                                                              

  10. WP       40771/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) MAHESH C M                        GA SD                          
      REG NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                              
      OFFICE OBJNS FOR 1ST TIME                                                                                          
      CH MOVED                                                                                                           

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN

  11. WP       35416/2011          (LB      ,RES     ) CHANDRAKANTH R PATEL              K RAGHAVENDRA RAO              
      AND WP NO 41326-333/11                                                                                             
      REG IA 1/14 FOR AMENDMENT                                                                                          

  12. WP       35807/2011          (LB      ,BMP     ) S SRIRANGA                        N K RAMESH FOR R1 & 2          
      REG IA 1/14 FOR DIRECTION                         JUST LAW                          K N DAYALU FOR C/R3            
      CH MOVED                                                                            CP NO-5490/11                  

  13. WP       10548-10549/2013    (S       ,RES     ) M N PRASANNA                      ARAVIND V CHAVAN FOR R4        
      REG: IA II/2013 FOR                                                                 M V SESHACHALA FOR R4          
      DISPOSAL OF WP                                                                      N K RAMESH FOR R2              
                                                                                          R1-THE STATE SD                
                                                                                          R3-VIJAYANAGARA INSTITUTE      
                                                                                          OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, BY ITS    
                                                                                          DIRECTOR SD                    

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                                                                                          R5-SHIMOGA INSTITUTE OF        
                                                                                          MEDICAL SCIENCES BY            
                                                                                          ITS DIRECTOR SD                

  14. WP       28102/2013          (LB      ,RES     ) NATARAJ R                         M S PRAKASH FOR R1 & 2         
      REG IA 1/13 FOR INJUNCTION                                                          CHANDRA SHEKAR R               
                                                                                          LAW PARK ASSTS BY              
                                                                                          BY LOKESH REDDY M FOR C/R3     
                                                                                          CP NO 3083/13                  

  15. WP       36831/2014          (LB      ,BMP     ) MANMOHAN P N                      GURURAJ JOSHI FOR R1 & R2      
      REG IA 1/14 FOR IMPLEADING                                                          K N PUTTEGOWDA FOR R1 & R2     
      DATE                                                                                NAVEEN G S FOR C/R3            
                                                                                          CP NOS 4063/14 & 4064/14       
                                                                                          M G JAVEED AHMED FOR R4        
                                                                                          ARJUN RAO FOR PROPOSED         
                                                                                          R5-15 ON IA 1/14               

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING

  16. WP       21099/2010          (LB      ,RES     ) B SRINIVAS                        B J ESWARAPPA FOR R1           
      DATE                                                                                R2-EXECUTIVE OFFICER,          
                                                                                          SHIMOGA SD                     
                                                                                          R3-PRESIDENT SATHUVALLI        
                                                                                          GRAMA PANCHAYATH SD            
                                                                                          DAYANAND S PATIL FOR R4        
                                                                                          V/O DTD 1-8-12 PETITION        
                                                                                          AGAINST R5 ABATES              
                                                                                          R6-HANUMANTHAPPA SD            
                                                                                          V/O DT 13-3-2014 STEPS NOT     
                                                                                          TAKEN IN R/O R7                

  17. WP       13192/2012          (S       ,TR      ) K HANUMANTHARAYAPPA                                              

  18. WP       14981/2013          (LB      ,BMP     ) J KANIKARAJ                       SUBRAMANYA R FOR R1 & 2        
      A/W IA 1/13 FOR AMENDMENT                                                                                          
      OF CAUSE TITLE                                                                                                     

  19. WP       36997/2013          (S       ,DIS     ) MALLIKARJUN BASAREDDY                                            
      A/W IA II/2014 TO DISPENSE                                                                                         
      WITH THE PRODUCTION OF                                                                                             
      ENGLISH TRANSLATION                                                                                                
      COPIES OF ANNEXURE                                                                                                 
      B, C, D & E                                                                                                        

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  20. WP       46140-46141/2013    (LB      ,BMP     ) OMKAR KAMBI                       POORNIMA M FOR R1-4            
      DATE                                                                                V/O DT 20-12-2013 NOTICE TO    
      A/W IA 1/13 FOR DIRECTION                                                           R5-CHIEF ENGINEER VIGILANCE    
      2) IA 3/14 FOR ADDL FACTS                                                           AND TV CC BY ITS COMMR,        
                                                                                          IS HELD SUFFICIENT             
                                                                                          G S RAVISHANKAR FOR R6         
                                                                                          D L SURESH FOR R7              

  21. WP       54159-54160/2013    (S       ,REG     ) SHIVCHARAN R                      GA SD                          
      DATE                                              AJITH A SHETTY                                                   

  22. WP       58808-58809/2013    (S       ,REG     ) MURALIDHAR K B                                                   
                                                        K R BHAVANI SHANKAR                                              
                                                        AND CO                                                           

  23. WP       58913-58914/2013    (LB      ,BMP     ) C V MANJUNATHA                    GA SD                          

  24. WP       13354/2014          (LB      ,BMP     ) REUBEN JACOB                      RAJENDRA  K R FOR R1 & 2       
      DATE                                                                                GOVT ADV FOR R3                

  25. WP       16717/2014          (S       ,RES     ) PRASANNA KUMAR P                  GA SD                          

  26. WP       21160/2014          (LB      ,BMP     ) KARAN JOSEPH                                                     

  27. WP       21555-21556/2014    (S       ,RES     ) H C MOVVAR                        GA SD                          
                                                        HAREESH CHANDRA M                                                

  28. WP       29886/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) NATARAJ R                         GA SD                          
      AND WP NO 40392-40442/14                                                                                           

  29. WP       34541/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) KASHINATH J D                     R1-COMMR, KHB                  
      DATE                                              RAMESHAPPA N G                    R2-ASST EXECUTIVE ENGINEER     
                                                                                          KHB ARE SD THROUGH HAND        

  30. WP       35735-35738/2014    (S       ,TR      ) PADMANABHA R                      GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  31. WP       36199/2014          (S       ,DIS     ) SATYANARAYANA P HOGADE                                           

  32. WP       38193/2014          (BDA     ,        ) ARCHANA MURTHY P                  COPY SD ON A D VIJAYA          
                                                                                          (VK NOT FILED)                 

  33. WP       39323/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) P DHANANJAYA                      GA SD                          

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  34. WP       39762/2014          (BDA     ,        ) S AND S ASSOCIATES                GA SD                          

  35. WP       39877/2014          (LB      ,BMP     ) CHAITANYA S G                                                    
      CH MOVED                                                                                                           

  36. WP       40103-40119/2014    (S       ,RES     ) C V MANJUNATHA                                                   

  37. WP       40314/2014          (S       ,RES     ) R B ANEPPANAVAR                   GA SD                          

  38. WP       40620/2014          (S       ,R       ) VIVEK HOLLA, HOLLA & HOLLA        N K RAMESH FOR R1              

  39. WP       42097-42106/2014    (LB      ,RES     ) HAREESH BHANDARY T                GA SD                          
      CH MOVED                                                                                                           

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING - B GROUP

  40. WP       41135-41137/2011    (LB      ,BMP     ) G JEEVAPRAKASH & PRASANNA V R     B V MURALIDHAR FOR R1 & 2      
      DATE                                                                                I G GACHCHINMATH FOR R1 & R2   
                                                                                          R L N MURTHY FOR R3            

  41. WP       6738/2012           (LB      ,RES     ) V B SHIVA KUMAR                   P S MANJUNATH FOR R1           
      DATE                                                                                R2-K V SRINIVASAN SD           
                                                                                          K SUMAN FOR R3                 
                                                                                          B V RAMAN FOR R3               
     Connected With
  WP           19625-19626/2013                        V B SHIVA KUMAR                   P S MANJUNATH FOR R1 & R4     

      REG MEMO FOR RETIREMENT                                                             K SUMAN FOR R2                 
      FILED BY ADV FOR R6                                                                 SHAMS AHMED PATHAN FOR R3      
                                                                                          RAJESH SHETTY FOR R5           
                                                                                          M SUDHAKAR PAI FOR R6          
                                                                                          G DEVARAJ FOR R6               

  42. WP       27716/2012          (LB      ,RES     ) S RAJU AND ASSOCIATES             HCGP FOR R1                    
      DATE                                                                                R2 - APPELLATE AUTHORITY AND   
                                                                                          EXECUTIVE OFFICER TALUK        
                                                                                          PANCHAYATH SD                  
                                                                                          G R RAMACHANDRA FOR R3         
                                                                                          SUBBA SHASTRY FOR R4 & 5       
                                                                                          R S RAVI FOR R6                

  43. WP       43759/2012          (LB      ,RES     ) H C SHIVARAMU & VEENASHETTY       S G PANDITH FOR R1 & 2         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 6
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
     Connected With
  WP           5853/2013                               H C SHIVARAMU                     GOVT ADV FOR R1               

      AND WP NO-6764-65/13                                                                S G PANDIT FOR R2              
  WP           54718/2013                              SHIVARAMU H C                     S G PANDIT FOR R1 & 2         

                                                                                          (VK FILED FOR R2)              

  44. WP       24170-24171/2013    (S       ,RES     ) M S PARTHASARATHI                 MANMOHAN P N                   
      AND WP 30082/2013                                                                   FOR C/R                        
      A/W IA I/2013 FOR                                                                   CP NO 2887/2013                
      PERMISSION TO WITHDRAW                                                                                             
      THE AMOUNT                                                                                                         
      2) IA II/2013 FOR PERMISSION                                                                                       
      TO WITHDRAW THE AMOUNT                                                                                             
     Connected With
  WP           30082/2013                              PARTHASARATHI M S                 D LEELAKRISHNAN FOR R4-6      

                                                                                          GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1-3         

  45. WP       37520/2013          (LB      ,BMP     ) SUMANGALA A SWAMY                 GOVT ADV FOR R1                
      CH MOVED                                                                            B V MURALIDHAR FOR R2-6        
                                                                                          TAJUDDIN FOR R7                

  46. WP       53897/2013          (S       ,PRO     ) ARUN B M                          T P RAJENDRA KUMAR             
      AND WP 53993-54033/2013                                                             SUNGAY FOR R2                  
      (DATE)                                                                              GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R3           
                                                                                          K N PHANINDRA AND              
                                                                                          VAISHALI HEGDE FOR R1 & 4-13   

  47. WP       6175-6179/2014      (LB      ,RES     ) AJAY SHANKAR RAO                  R1-PRL SECRY, URBAN DEPT       
      CH MOVED                                                                            B'LORE SD                      
                                                                                          R2-DEPUTY COMMR, MYSORE        
                                                                                          T P VIVEKANANDA FOR R3         
                                                                                          R4-TOWN PLANNING MEMBER        
                                                                                          MUDA SD                        

  48. WP       17292-17293/2014    (BDA     ,RES     ) V R SARATHY                       K KRISHNA FOR R2               
      AND WP 17294/2014                                                                   GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1, 4  & 5   
                                                                                          R3 THE DIRECTOR CUM            
                                                                                          TOWN PLANNING MEMBER,          
                                                                                          BDA SD                         
                                                                                          R4 THE DY DIRECTOR,            
                                                                                          LAND RECORDS & LAND            
                                                                                          SURVEY SD                      

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 7
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  49. WP       20270/2014          (S       ,RES     ) N RAMACHANDRAPPA                  N BAYYA REDDY FOR R8           
      A/W MEMO FOR PERMISSION                           PETITIONER - PARTY IN PERSON      GOVT ADVOCATE                  
      TO TRANSFER                                                                                                        

  50. WP       36285-36287/2014    (LB      ,ELE     ) KASHINATH J D                     AGA FOR R1                     
      DATE                                                                                R2 THE EXECUTIVE OFFICER       
                                                                                          CHAMARAJANAGARA TALUK          
                                                                                          R3 PANCHAYATH DEVELOPMENT      
                                                                                          OFFICER PUNAJOORU VILLAGE      
                                                                                          PANCHAYATH CHAMARAJANAGAR      
                                                                                          ARE SD THROUGH HAND            

                     FINAL HEARING

  51. WP       33433/2013          (S       ,PRO     ) DR. SAKEY SHAMU                   GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1 & 2       
      BY SPL ORDERS                                     PETITIONER PARTY IN PERSON        H SRINIVASA RAO                
      DATE                                                                                SRINIVAS AND BADRI ASSTS       
                                                                                          FOR R3 & 4                     

  52. WP       7173/2011           (LB      ,TAX     ) SHWETHA ANAND                     H C SHIVARAMU FOR R1 & 2       
      DATE                                              R V JAYAPRAKASH                                                  
      AND WP 11314-320/2011                                                                                              

  53. WP       35484/2011          (LB      ,BMP     ) UMESH B N (NOC OBTAINED)          N R JAGADEESHWARA FOR R1&2     
      DATE                                              R RAMACHANDRAN                    MAHESH C M FOR R3              

  54. WP       1123/2012           (BDA     ,        ) VIVEK HOLLA                       A LOKANATH                     
      A/W  MEMO FOR WITHDRAWAL                          M/S HOLLA AND HOLLA                                              
      OF WP                                                                                                              
      (CH MOVED)                                                                                                         

  55. WP       18573/2012          (LB      ,RES     ) HARISH KUMAR M S &                G R RAMACHANDRAPPA FOR R1-3    
      CH MOVED                                          NANDISH PATIL                     R4-THE PRESIDENT HEGGERE       
      AND WP NO- 23254-257/12                                                             DEEPASHEE FOR R5               
      AND WP NO-23259-261/12                                                                                             

  56. WP       50345/2012          (LB      ,ELE     ) KRISHNA S DIXIT (NOC)             SANDESH T BANGARAPPA BY        
      CH MOVED                                          SANKET M YENAGI                   JAYAKUMAR S PATIL FOR C/R1     
      (2 LCRS KEPT BELOW)                                                                 CP NO-6285/12                  
      A/W IA 1/14 FOR DIRECTION                                                           GOVT ADV FOR R4-6              
      2) MEMO FOR RETIREMENT                                                              R2-JAYALALITHA SD              
      (DOCUMENTS PRODUCED                                                                 R3-DEVAMMA SD                  
      BY THE PETITIONER IN                                                                                               
      CHAMBER K/B)                                                                                                       
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