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             ON Tuesday    THE 27TH DAY OF September 2016 
                        AT 10.30 AM
                   COURT HALL NO : 5

                         LIST NO. 1     

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 1
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
        GIVEN ONLY.


   1. WP       17895/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) HARISH H V                        M R SHASHIDHAR FOR R1, 2 & 9   
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,                          SHEKARAPPA                        G SAJJAD AHMED FOR C/R1        
      C/A WP COPY ETC A/W                                                                CP NO 1615/2014                
      CORRECT ADDRESS TO ISSUE                                                           K SHANTHARAJ FOR R1 & 9 (NOC)  
      NOTICE IN R/O R3 TO 8                                                                                             
      2ND TIME)                                                                                                         
     Connected With
    WP         1583/2013                                HARISH H V                                                       


   2. WP       56474/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) ANANDA                            V HARIDAS BHAT FOR R3          
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                                                           
      C/A ETC WITH CORRECT                                                                                              
      ADDRESS TO ISSUE NOTICE                                                                                           
      TO R1 & 2 FOR III TIME                                                                                            
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

   3. WP       3657/2015            (KVOA    ,        ) DIVYA KRISHNA (NOC)               HGCP FOR R1                    
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,                          B M KRISHNA BHAT                  T N VISWANATHA FOR R2          
      C/ACK WITH CORRECT                                                                 H V NAGARAJA RAO FOR R5        
      ADDRESS ETC TO ISSUE                                                               V/O DTD 8/3/16 SERVICE OF      
      E/NOTICE TO R8 (3RD TIME)                                                          NOTICE ON R3 IS HELD           
      CH MOVED                                                                           SUFFICEINT                     
                                                                                         R3 H NANDAKUMAR                
                                                                                         R4 H V SEETHALAKSHMI SD        
                                                                                         R6 H K NAGENDRA SD             
                                                                                         R7  H K BHAGYALAXMI SD         
                                                                                         R9 SAROJAMMA SD                

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 2
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

   4. WP       9481/2015            (GM      ,CPC     ) V B SHIVA KUMAR                   K V MOHAN KUMAR FOR R5         
      REG: STEPS TO BE TAKEN                                                             R4 KRISHNAPPA SD               
      IN R/O R1 TO R3 FOR                                                                                               
      SERVICE OF NOTICE                                                                                                 
      (4TH TIME)                                                                                                        
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

   5. WP       16047/2015           (GM      ,CPC     ) HARISH H V                        L HARISH KUMAR FOR R1 TO R5    
      REG: CONSIDERATION OF                                                                                             
      INTERIM PRAYER                                                                                                    
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

   6. WP       18929/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) K K THAYAMMA                                                     
      REG: NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                            
      OFFICE OBJNS FOR 3RD TIME                                                                                         

   7. WP       23220-23221/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) VISHWANATH R HEGDE                COPY SD PRAKASH                
      REG: CONSIDERATION                                                                 BEFORE TRIAL COURT             
      OF INTERIM PRAYER                                                                  R1 NARAYANAMMA SD              
      2) AWAITING SERVICE OF                                                             R3 LAKSHMINARAPPA SD           
      NOTICE IN R/O R2,7 & 8                                                             R4 GANGAMMA SD                 
      3) FURNISHING OF FPF,C/A                                                           R6 GOPEMMA SD                  
      ETC TO ISSUE NOTICE IN                                                                                            
      R/O R5 (2ND TIME)                                                                                                 
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

   8. WP       24588/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) R V SHIVANANDA REDDY              V/O DTD 1/8/16 COPY SD ON      
      REG: FURNISHING OF PF,C/A                                                          ADV FOR R1 & 7 (NAME NOT       
      ETC TO ISSUE NOTICE TO                                                             MENTIONED)                     
      R1 & 7                                                                                                            
      2) MEMO FOR DISPENSATION                                                                                          
      OF NOTICE TO R2 TO R6 &                                                                                           
      R8 TO R20                                                                                                         
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

   9. WP       34354/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) ASWATHANARAYANA REDDY             K SHIVASHANKAR FOR R1          
      REG: NON FURNISHING OF FPF                                                         V/O DTD 1/8/16 COPY SD ON      
      C/A ETC TO ISSUE NOTICE TO                                                         K SHIVASHANKAR FOR R1 &        
      R2 TO R6 FOR 2ND TIME                                                              P S MANJUNATHA FOR R2,5 & 6    
      DATE                                                                               APPEARING BEFORE TRIAL COURT   

  10. WP       36469/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SIDDAMALLAPPA P M                                                
      REG: NON-COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                            
      OFFICE OBJCNS FOR 1ST TIME                                                                                        

  11. WP       39175/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) B RAMESH                          MADHUSUDHAN M N FOR C/R1       
      REG:  RECTIFICATION OF OFFICE                                                      CP NO 5011/2016                
      OBJNS RASIED IN IA 1/16 FILED                                                      MADHUSUDHAN M N                
      BY ADV FOR PETITIONER                                                              FOR R2 & R3                    

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 3
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

      2) NON FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                                                         
      C/A ETC A/W CORRECT                                                                                               
      ADDRESS TO ISSUE NOTICE                                                                                           
      TO R4 TO R8 (2ND TIME)                                                                                            

  12. WP       43810/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) S RAJASHEKAR                                                     
      REG:  AWAITING SERVICE OF                                                                                         
      NOTICE IN R/O RESPT                                                                                               
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  13. WP       47427/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) VIRUPAKSHAIAH P H                 UMESHA MURTHY J M FOR C/R4     
      REG: AWAITING SERVICE OF                                                           CP NO 9069/2016                
      NOTICE IN R/O R1 TO R12                                                                                           

  14. WP       48432/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) M B CHANDRACHOODA                 V/O DTD 8/9/16 COPY SD ON      
      REG: AWAITING SERVICE OF                                                           K S JAGANNATHAN FOR RESPT      
      NOTICE IN R/O RESPT                                                                BEFORE TRIAL COURT             
      DATE                                                                               (VK NOT FILED)                 

  15. WP       48637/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) CHANDRASHEKAR P PATIL                                            
      REG: ACCEPTANCE OF                                                                                                
      COUNSEL'S SUBMISSION                                                                                              
      WITH REGARD TO ABOVE                                                                                              
      OFFICE OBJNS (1ST TIME)                                                                                           


  16. WP       37937/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) C S SURYAKANTH (NOC)              M V CHANDRASHEKARA REDDY       
      REG: IA 1/16 FOR VACATING                        RAGHAVENDRA V                     FOR C/R1 & 2                   
      INTERIM ORDER                                                                      CP NO 3767/2014                
      CH MOVED                                                                           G M ANANDA                     
                                                                                         B L ASHA FOR R3                
                                                                                         M ERAPPA REDDY FOR R4-8        
     Connected With
    WP         38419/2014                               C S SURYAKANTH (NOC)              RAGHAVENDRA V FOR R1           

                                                       M V CHANDRASHEKARA REDDY          M ERAPPA REDDY FOR R2 TO R6    
                                                                                         V/O DTD 11/11/14 NOTICE TO     
                                                                                         R7 IS DISPENSED WITH           

  17. WP       33173/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SUBBA REDDY K N                   GURURAJ FOR R1 TO 3            
      REG:IA 1/16 FOR DIRECTION                                                          K V MOHAN KUMAR FOR R4 & 5     
      FILED BY ADV FOR PETITIONER                                                                                       

  18. WP       33258/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) G S BHAT                          HANUMANTHAPPA HARAVI           
      REG: IA 2/16 FOR VACATING                                                          FOR1 & 2 C/R CP NO 3170/16     
      STAY                                                                               V/O DTD 30/6/16 NOTICE TO      
      CH MOVED                                                                           R3 TO R13 IS DISPENSED WITH    

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 4
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

                PRELIMINARY HEARING           

  19. WP       44728/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SHANMUKHAPPA                      VASANTHA LAKSHMI H V FOR C/R1 T
      A/W MEMO FOR NOT                                                                   CP NO 5370/2016                
      MAKING PARTY                                                                                                      

  20. WP       47136/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) RAMA BHAT K                                                      
      CH  MOVED                                                                                                         

  21. WP       47520/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) PRAMODA K.                                                       
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  22. WP       48364/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) ABHINAV R                                                        
      DATE                                             M/S KUMAR & KUMAR & ASSTS                                        

  23. WP       48433/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) M B CHANDRACHOODA                 A G NAGARAJA FOR C/R1 & 2      
      DATE                                                                               CP NO 5830/16                  

  24. WP       48502/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SHESHADRI N S                                                    
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  25. WP       48592/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) PRASANNA B R                                                     
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  26. WP       48823/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) NATARAJ R                                                        

  27. WP       48887/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) M J ALVA                                                         
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  28. WP       49154-49162/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) SRIDHAR A G                                                      

  29. WP       49170/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SRINIVAS V                                                       

  30. WP       49216-49219/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) VARDHAMAN V GUNJAL                CHANDAN K FOR C/R1 TO 3        
      CH MOVED                                                                           CP NO 9669/16                  

  31. WP       49220/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) NARENDRA D V GOWDA                                               

  32. WP       49350/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) NARAYANA V S                                                     

  33. WP       49355/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SHANMUKHAPPA                      SANJAY GOWDA N S FOR C/R4      
      DATE                                                                               IN CP NO 7223/16               

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 5
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  34. WP       49359/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) D R P BABU & ASSTS                                               

  35. WP       49431/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) MANJUNATH K S                     NANJA REDDY P N FOR C/R1       
      & WP 51375/16                                                                      CP NO 5873/16                  
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  36. WP       49486/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) MOHAN KUMAR T                     G S VENKAT SUBBA RAO FOR C/R   
      A/W CP NOTE                                                                        (CP NO 9924/2016)              

  37. WP       49513/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) CHANDRASHEKAR                     PRADEEPA B V FOR C/R1          
      CH MOVED                                                                           IN CP NO 9683/16               

  38. WP       49514/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) CHANDRASHEKAR                                                    
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  39. WP       49528/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SACHIN B S                                                       
      & WP 51017-018/2016                                                                                               
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  40. WP       49600-49601/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) PRASHANTH H S                                                    

  41. WP       49613-49614/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) MANIVANNAN G                                                     
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  42. WP       50871/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SACHIN B S                                                       
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          


  43. WP       6729/2016            (GM      ,CPC     ) PRAKASH T HEBBAR                  SRIHARI A V FOR R1 TO R4       
      DATE                                                                               V/O 23/4/16 COPY SD ON         
                                                                                         PREETHI REDDY FOR R5           
                                                                                         BEFORE TRIAL COURT             
                                                                                         (VK NOT FILED)                 
                                                                                         V SHIVAREDDY FOR R5            
                                                                                         V/O DTD 12/4/16 NOTICE TO      
                                                                                         R6 & R7 IS DISPENSED WITH      

  44. WP       18331/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) CHANDRASHEKAR L                   B M SIDDAPPA                   

  45. WP       19960/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) N RAVINDRANATH KAMATH             T A KARUMBAIAH FOR R1 TO R4    

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 6
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  46. WP       25580/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) K NARAYANASWAMY                   LOKESH R FOR C/R               
      DATE                                                                               CP NO 3123/2016                
                                                                                         (POWER OF ATTORNEY OF          
                                                                                         CAVEATOR NOT FILED)            
                                                                                         M S VARADARAJAN FOR R1 & 2     

  47. WP       31246/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) PRAVEEN MISHRA (NOC)              V/O DTD 27/6/16                
      DATE                                             SHIVARAMU H C                     COPY SD ON ABHINAV R  FOR R1   
                                                                                         M/S KUMAR & KUMAR  BEFORE      
                                                                                         TRIAL COURT (VK NOT FILED)     
                                                                                         SYED IMRAN FOR R2 BEFORE       
                                                                                         TRIAL COURT (VK NOT FILED)     
                                                                                         ABHINAV R  FOR R1              
                                                                                         M/S KUMAR & KUMAR              
                                                                                         V/O DTD 15/7/16 NOTICE TO      
                                                                                         3 & R4 IS DISPENSED WITH       
                                                                                         MEERA MKUND FOR R2             

                   PRELIMINARY HEARING

  48. WP       45623/2015           (GM      ,CPC     ) ANJANEYA                                                         
      & WP18161/2016                                                                                                    

  49. WP       52031/2015           (GM      ,CPC     ) GEORGE JOSEPH                                                    

  50. WP       18014/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SIDDESWARA N K                                                   

  51. WP       23516/2016           (KVOA    ,        ) R GOPAL                           GA SD                          

  52. WP       27303/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) JEEVAN KUMAR B S                  H K KENCHEGOWDA FOR C/R9       
      A/W CP NOTE                                                                         CP NO 1002/16                 
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  53. WP       31266/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) V B SHIVA KUMAR                                                  
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  54. WP       35903/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) RAJAGOPAL M R                     SHARATH S GOWDA FOR C/R1       
      DATE                                                                               CP NO 4079/2016                
                                                                                         C M NAGABUSHANA FOR R1 (NOC)   

  55. WP       38459/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) DWARAKA NATH H S                                                 
      A/W MEMO FOR NOT MAKING                                                                                           
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  56. WP       38856/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) S V PRAKASH                                                      

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 7
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  57. WP       44205/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SUNIL AND NITIN                                                  
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  58. WP       44480/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) RAVI H K                                                         
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  59. WP       44996/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SANJAY B K                                                       
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  60. WP       46037/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) MUNIYAPPA                                                        
      & WP46970/16                                                                                                      
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  61. WP       46381-46382/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) DIVYA KRISHNA SIVAN & SIVA        V B SHIVA KUMAR FPR C/R1       
      CH MOVED                                                                           CP NO 5324/16                  

  62. WP       46700/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) NISHANTH A V                                                     
      & WP 46967/2016                                                                                                   

  63. WP       46742/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) NAGARAJ D                                                        

  64. WP       48394/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) A MADHUSUDHANA RAO                                               
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  65. WP       48395/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) A MADHUSUDHANA RAO                                               
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  66. WP       48473/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) G S BHAT                                                         
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  67. WP       48821/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) G L VISHWANATH                                                   

  68. WP       49077/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) HANUMANTHARAYAPPA K                                              

  69. WP       49366/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SACHIN B S                                                       
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  70. WP       49763/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) CHANDRANATH ARIGA K                                              
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  71. WP       50788/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) MANIVANNAN G                                                     
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  72. WP       51156/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SATYANAND B S                                                    
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 8
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  73. WP       51349/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SATISH T S                                                       
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  74. WP       51491/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) MANIK B T                                                        
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  75. WP       51520/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) THIRUVENGADAM B C                                                
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  76. WP       51522/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SHREENEVASA K L                                                  
      CH MOVED                                         MANJE GOWDA                                                      
                                                       M/S K N L ASSTS                                                  

  77. WP       51555-51557/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) SANATHKUMAR SHETTY K                                             
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  78. WP       51587/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) KESHAVA BHAT A                                                   
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          


  79. WP       31461/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) R B SADASIVAPPA                   N DEVARAJ                      
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  80. WP       39887/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) S NAGARAJ PETITIONER              M B CHANDRA CHOODA             
      & WP NO 43757-758/2014                           APPEARING AS PARTY IN             FOR R1                         
      DATE                                             PERSON                            R2-CHINNI SEETHAMMA SD         

  81. WP       52750-52751/2014     (GM      ,CPC     ) M SHIVAPRAKASH                    R ASHOK KUMAR                  
      DATE                                                                               FOR C/R1-5 & R6                
                                                                                         CP NO 6223/2014                
                                                                                         R ASHOK KUMAR FOR R6 (A TO C)  

  82. WP       56296/2014           (KVOA    ,        ) VENKATESULU V                     PRAKASH H N FOR C/R3           
      AND WP NO 359-366/15                                                               CP NO 5950/14                  
                                                                                         GA FOR R1,2,5 & 6              
                                                                                         V/O DTD 18/4/16 R4 STAND       

  83. WP       4998/2015            (GM      ,CPC     ) RAVISHANKAR D R                   S B LAKSHMI                    
      & WP 15601-15602/15                              M/S LEX NEXUS                     S R JAYAMMA FOR R1 & 2         

  84. WP       13758/2015           (GM      ,CPC     ) S V PRAKASH                       RAGHUNANDAN M G FOR R1(6)      
      DATE                                                                               R1(1)- ANNAPOORNA SD           
                                                                                         R1(2)- ANILE SD                
                                                                                         R1(3)- ADITHI SD               
                                                                                         R1(4)- D S MANJUNATHA SD       

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 9
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                                                                                         R1(5)- D S DEVARAJ SD          
                                                                                         K L UMESH FOR  R1(7) & R1(8)   
                                                                                         VK NOT FILED                   
                                                                                         V/O DTD 21/9/16 SERVICE OF     
                                                                                         NOTICE TO R1(7 & 8) & R2  IS   
                                                                                         HELD SUFFICIENT                
                                                                                         R1(7) D S LATHA                
                                                                                         R1(8) D S POORNIMA             
                                                                                         R2 D S UDAYA KUMAR             

  85. WP       23676/2015           (GM      ,CPC     ) JAYAPRAKASH REDDY M               NARASIMAHARAJU FOR R9 & 10     
      CH MOVED                                                                           V/O DTD 6/8/2015 NOTICE TO     
                                                                                         R1 TO 7 IS D/W                 
                                                                                         R8- R MUNISHAMAPPA SD          
                                                                                         R11 V NAGARATNA SD             
                                                                                         R12- V NAGARATHNA SD           

  86. WP       38856/2015           (GM      ,CPC     ) RAJESH RAO K                      DILRAJ J ROHITH FOR R3         
      CH MOVED                                                                           V D RAVIRAJ FOR R5             
                                                                                         R1-THE STATE OF KARNATAKA      
                                                                                         BLORE SD                       
                                                                                         R4-GOWRAMMA SD                 
                                                                                         COPY SD ON ADV FOR R6          
                                                                                         (ADV NAME NOT MENTIONED)       
                                                                                         APPEARING BEFORE TRIAL COURT   
                                                                                         YESHU MISHRA                   
                                                                                         S S SRINIVASA RAO FOR R4  & 6  
                                                                                         M/S HARANAHALLI LAW PARTNER    
                                                                                         V/O DTD 24/8/16 HAND SUMMONS   
                                                                                         SD ON R2 & 6                   
                                                                                         E R DIWAKAR LEARNED AGA        
                                                                                         IS DIRECTED TO TAKE NOTICE     
                                                                                         TO R1                          

  87. WP       46343-46344/2015     (GM      ,CPC     ) V B SHIVA KUMAR                   K N HARISH BABU FOR R1-3       
      CH MOVED                                                                           (VK FILED FOR R1 & R3)         
                                                                                         HARISH O K FOR R2              
                                                                                         V/O DTD 16/11/15 COPY SD ON    
                                                                                         MALLIKARJUN, ADV FOR R1 TO R3  
                                                                                         APPEARING BEFORE               
                                                                                         TRIAL COURT (VK NOT FILED)     
                                                                                         V/O DTD 8/12/15 ISSUE OF       
                                                                                         NOTICE TO R4 TO R9 MAY         
                                                                                         NOT ARISE AT THIS STAGE        

  88. WP       377/2016             (GM      ,CPC     ) M THIMMARAYA SWAMY                T SESHAGIRI RAO FOR R1 TO R8   
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 10
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  89. WP       30259-30260/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) NARAYANA V S                      V/O DTD 26/05/16 NOTICE SD TO  
      DATE                                                                               RESPTD ADV BEFORE TRIAL COURT  
                                                                                         NAME NOT MENTIONED             
                                                                                         H P LEELADHAR &                
                                                                                         H V KRISHNAMURTHY              

  90. WP       31919/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) YESHU  MISHRA                     RESPT P VENKATESH SD           
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  91. WP       32992/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) B N JAYADEVA                      K G SADASHIVAIAH FOR 1 TO R5   
      & WP 33057/2016                                                                    M K GIRISH FOR R6              
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          

  92. WP       33250/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) S RAJASHEKAR                      T I ABDULLA                    
      A/W X EXTN OF INTERIM ORDER                                                                                       
      CH MOVED                                                                                                          
     Connected With
    WP         32886/2016                               S RAJASHEKAR                      T I ABDULLA                    

                                                                                         M/S HEDGE & ASSTS              

  93. WP       36877/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) SIDDAMALLAPPA P M                 E VENKATARAMI REDDY            
      CH MOVED                                                                           M MURTHY FOR R1 & R2           
                                                                                         R3 MANJUNATHA GOWDA SD         

  94. WP       41084-41086/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) VINAY SWAMY C                     COPY SD ON ADV APPEARING       
      DATE                                                                               IN TRIAL COURT                 
                                                                                         (NAME NOT MENTIONED)           
                                                                                         A FEROZE NIZAM                 

  95. WP       42925/2016           (GM      ,CPC     ) ANIRUDH ANAND                     SURAJ GOVINDA RAJ FOR C/R1     
      DATE                                                                               M/S ANUP S SHAH LAW FIRM       
                                                                                         CP NO 4658/2016                
                                                                                         V/O DTD 22/9/16 S SUPREETH     
                                                                                         FOR R2 & R3 (VK NOT FILED)     

  96. WP       47788-47789/2016     (GM      ,CPC     ) ANURADHA S  R                     V/O DTD 20/9/16 LEARNED GOVT AD
      DATE                                                                               IS DIRECTED TO TAKE NOTICE     
                                                                                         FOR R1 (MA NOT FILED)          
                                                                                         R S RAVI LEARNED COUNSEL       
                                                                                         ACCEPTS NOTICE FOR             
                                                                                         R2 & R3 (VK NOT FILED)         

                    FINAL HEARING

  97. WP       7879/2014            (GM      ,CPC     ) M C JAYAKIRTHI                    T K RAJAGOPALA                 
      CH MOVED                                                                           R MUKUNDAN FOR R1-4            
                                                                                         R5-8 DISPENSD WITH             
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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