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             ON Monday     THE 25TH DAY OF August    2014 
                        AT 10.30 AM
                   COURT HALL NO : 5

                       LIST NO.1      

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp



   1. WP       21099/2010          (LB      ,RES     ) B SRINIVAS                        B J ESWARAPPA FOR R1           
      DATE                                                                                R2-EXECUTIVE OFFICER,          
      REG: NON FILING OF                                                                  SHIMOGA SD                     
      ENGLISH TRANSLATED                                                                  R3-PRESIDENT SATHUVALLI        
      COPIES OF KANNADA                                                                   GRAMA PANCHAYATH SD            
      DOCUMENTS BY ADV                                                                    DAYANAND S PATIL FOR R4        
      FOR PETITIONER                                                                      V/O DTD 1-8-12 PETITION        
                                                                                          AGAINST R5 ABATES              
                                                                                          R6-HANUMANTHAPPA SD            
                                                                                          V/O DT 13-3-2014 STEPS NOT     
                                                                                          TAKEN IN R/O R7                

   2. WP       19088/2012          (S       ,RES     ) M S PARTHSARATHI &                GOVT. ADVOCATE FOR R1-5        
      REG: NON-FILING OF ENGLISH                        M P SRIKANTH                      SARAVAN S                      
      TRANSLATION OF ALL                                                                  LEX NEXUS FOR R7               
      KANNADA DOCUMENTS                                                                   R6 THE SECRETARY,              
      DATE                                                                                SHRI CHETAN VIDYA SAMSTHE,     
                                                                                          HASSAN SD                      

   3. WP       5063-5073/2013      (S       ,RES     ) I THARANATH POOJARY               S B TOTAD & K SUDHAKAR         
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                             FOR R2                         
      CA, COVER, ACK ETC,                                                                 R1 STATE BY ITS SECRETARY SD   
      TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R3                                                               R4 ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR       
      2) IA I/2014 FOR EARLY HEARING                                                      TECHNICAL EDUCATION SD         
                                                                                          R5 UNION OF INDIA BY ITS       
                                                                                          SECRETARY SD                   

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

   4. WP       14384-14385/2013    (LB      ,RES     ) H S DWARAKANATH                   R1-CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER     
      REG: MEMO FOR DISMISSAL                                                             TALUK PANCHAYATH KOLAR SD      
      OF WP                                                                               R2-CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER     
                                                                                          TALUK PANCHAYATH KOLAR SD      
                                                                                          R3- EXECUTIVE OFFICER          
                                                                                          TALUK PANCHAYATH KOLAR SD      
                                                                                          R4-SECRY, ARALERI GRAMA        
                                                                                          PANCHAYATH SD                  
                                                                                          GOVT ADV FOR R5                

   5. WP       55215/2013          (BDA     ,        ) S A KHADRI                                                       
      REG:NON-FURNISHING OF PF,                                                                                          
      CA, WP COPY TO ISSUE                                                                                               
      NOTICE TO R1-5                                                                                                     

   6. WP       11275/2014          (BDA     ,        ) DLJ ASSOCIATES                                                   
      REG: 1) NON-FURNISHING OF                                                                                          
      PF,CA ETC, TO ISSUE NOTICE                                                                                         
      TO RESPDTS                                                                                                         
      2) NON-FILING OF ACK FOR                                                                                           
      HAVING SD THE STANDING                                                                                             
      COUNSEL FOR RESPDT - BDA                                                                                           

   7. WP       19518-19533/2014    (S       ,PRO     ) MUKKANNAPPA S B                   B L SANJEEV FOR R1 & 2         
      REG: FURNISHING OF FRESH                                                            M S BHAGWAT &                  
      PF, COVER, ACK, AND ONE                                                             D PAVANESH FOR 3-7             
      SET OF WP COPY TO ISSUE                                                             R8 PARASHIVAMURTHY SD          
      NOTICE TO R11 FOR III TIME                                                          R9 HARSHA A SD                 
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          R10 LADLESAB NALATWAD SD       

   8. WP       27802-27818/2014    (LB      ,BMP     ) K RAVISHANKAR                     AGA FOR R2 & R3                
      REG AWAITING SERVICE OF                                                                                            
      E/NOTICE TO R1 & R4                                                                                                

   9. WP       31693/2014          (LB      ,BMP     ) GANGADHARAIAH A N                 R RAMACHANDRAN FOR R1 & R2     
      REG: AWAITNG SERVICE                                                                                               
      OF NOTICE TO R1-3                                                                                                  
      2) NON FILING OF ACK                                                                                               
      FOR HAVING SD HAND                                                                                                 
      SUMMONS TO R1-3                                                                                                    

  10. WP       34541/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) KASHINATH J D                                                    
      REG AWAITING SERVICE OF                           RAMESHAPPA N G                                                   
      E/NOTICE TO R1 & R2                                                                                                
      NON FILING OF ACK FOR                                                                                              
      HAVING SD HAND SUMMONS                                                                                             
      ON R1 & R2                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  11. WP       35627/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) K RAVISHANKAR                                                    
      AND WP NO 38964-38974/14                                                                                           
      REG NON FURNISHING OF                                                                                              
      ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF                                                                                             
      ALL RELEVANT KANNADA                                                                                               
      DOCUMENTS BY THE ADV                                                                                               
      FOR PETITIONER                                                                                                     

  12. WP       38193/2014          (BDA     ,        ) ARCHANA MURTHY P                  E/NOTICE ISSUED TO R1 ON       
      REG: 1) NON-TAKING OF                                                               14/08/2014 AND SERVICE IS      
      HAND SUMMONS BY THE                                                                 AWAITED                        
      ADVOCATE FOR THE                                                                                                   
      2) NON-FILING OF AFFIDAVIT                                                                                         
      FOR HAVING ADVOCATE                                                                                                

  13. WP       39820/2014          (S       ,TR      ) SACHIN B S                        GURUDEV GACHCHINAMATH          
      REG: FURNISHING OF PF,                                                              FOR R2 & 3                     
      C/A, COPY ETC TO ISSUE                                                                                             
      NOTICE TO R4                                                                                                       
      2) NON-TAKING OF                                                                                                   
      HAND SUMMONS                                                                                                       
      IN R/O R1                                                                                                          

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN

  14. WP       15435/2013          (LB      ,RES     ) ASHOK N PATIL                     GOVT ADV FOR R1                
      REG: IA 1/14 FOR DIRECTION                                                          B J SOMAYAJI FOR R2            
      CH MOVED                                                                            M K KEMPE GOWDA FOR R5         
                                                                                          R3-SECRY, TALUK PANCHAYATH     
                                                                                          PANDAVAPURA SD                 
                                                                                          R4-PANCHAYATH DEVELOPMENT      
                                                                                          OFFICER, MANDYA SD             

  15. WP       46229/2013          (LB      ,RES     ) K V NARASIMHAN                    G D ASHWATHNARAYANA            
      AND WP NO 46577-593/13                            K N NITHISH                       FOR R5-11                      
      REG: IA 2/14 FOR VACATING                                                           R1-SECRY, CHIEF SECRY, PWD     
      INTERIM ORDER                                                                       B'LORE SD                      
                                                                                          R2-TAHSILDAR MADDUR SD         
                                                                                          R3-DEPUTY COMMR, MANDYA SD     
                                                                                          R4-EXECUTIVE OFFIDER           
                                                                                          TALUK PANCHAYATH MANDYA        

  16. WP       31878-31879/2014    (S       ,RES     ) KRISHNA MURTHY G                  GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1-3         
      REG: IA I/2014 FOR                                                                  MANMOHAN P N FOR R4 & 5        

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING

  17. WP       14981/2013          (LB      ,BMP     ) J KANIKARAJ                       SUBRAMANYA R FOR R1 & 2        
      A/W IA 1/13 FOR AMENDMENT                                                                                          
      OF CAUSE TITLE                                                                                                     

  18. WP       46140-46141/2013    (LB      ,BMP     ) OMKAR KAMBI                       POORNIMA M FOR R1-4            
      A/W IA 1/13 FOR DIRECTION                                                           G S RAVISHANKARAN FOR R6       
      2) IA 3/14 FOR ADDL FACTS                                                           V/O DT 20-12-2013 NOTICE TO    
      3) SUFFICIENCY OF SERVICE                                                           R5-CHIEF ENGINEER VIGILANCE    
      OF NOTICE TO R7 THROUGH                                                             AND TV CC BY ITS COMMR,        
      PAPER PUBLICATION IN                                                                IS HELD SUFFICIENT             
      "UDAYA VANI" NEWS PAPER                                                                                            

  19. WP       1881/2014           (LB      ,RES     ) SUBBA SHASTRY N                   GOVT ADV FOR R1                
      AND 18195/14                                                                        P S MANJUNATH FOR R2           
      A/W IA 2/14 FOR AMENDMENT                                                           R3-V VASU KUMAR SD             
      OF PRAYER COLUMN                                                                    S SHEKAR SHETTY FOR R4         
                                                                                          R5-SRISHA PURANIK SD           

  20. WP       19968/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) RAVISHANKAR D R                   A RAVISHANKAR FOR R1 & R2      

  21. WP       34353/2014          (S       ,RES     ) M S BHAGWAT                       GURURAJ JOSHI FOR C/R1 & 2     
                                                                                          IN CP 2820/2014                
                                                                                          (CAVEAT RETURNED WITH          
                                                                                          OFFICE OBJECNS )               
                                                                                          NOTICE ISSUED TO R1 & 2 ON     
                                                                                          24/07/2014 ACK NYR             
                                                                                          ACK NOT FILED FOR HAVING       
                                                                                          SD THE WP COPIES ON            
                                                                                          STANDING COUNSEL FOR           

  22. WP       35454/2014          (S       ,TR      ) SIDDANOORU VISHWANATHA                                           
                                                        V R K ADVOCATES                                                  

  23. WP       35455-35456/2014    (S       ,RES     ) CHANDRAKANTH R PATEL              GA SD                          

  24. WP       36184/2014          (LB      ,ELE     ) K S GANESHA                       GIRISH B BALADARE FOR C/R1     
      DATE                                                                                GOVT ADV FOR R2                
                                                                                          NOTICE TO R3-18 IS DISPENSED   
                                                                                          WITH V/O DT 31-7-2014          

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  25. WP       37034/2014          (S       ,RES     ) NAGARAJAPPA A                     RAJENDRA KUMAR SUNGAY T P      
      A/W FURNISHING OF PF,                                                               FOR C/R1 (CP NO 3009/14        
      COVER, ACK, 2 SETS OF                                                               PUTUP IN 26887/14)             
      WP COPIES TO ISSUE                                                                                                 
      NOTICE TO RESPDTS                                                                                                  

  26. WP       37799/2014          (S       ,RES     ) SHIVAKUMAR N                      GA SD                          
      DATE                                              SHIVA & RAWLEY                                                   

  27. WP       38191/2014          (S       ,R       ) SATHYENDRA KUMAR NAIDU                                           
                                                        PETITIONER - PARTY                                               
                                                        IN PERSON                                                        

  28. WP       38266/2014          (BDA     ,        ) SANGAMESH R B                                                    

  29. WP       38386/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) MITHUN GERAHALLI                                                 

  30. WP       38710/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) CHETHAN B                         GA SD                          

  31. WP       39878/2014          (S       ,PRO     ) SHARAVATHI S M                                                   
                                                        H B RAJU                                                         

  32. WP       39952/2014          (S       ,RES     ) ARUNA SHYAM M                     GA SD                          
      (CH MOVED)                                        SACHIN B S                                                       


  33. RP       140/2013            (        ,        ) VIKRAM BALAJI B L                 GOVT ADV FOR R1 TO R4          
      (AS PER GENERAL ORDERS)                                                                                            
      (WP-S-REG ROSTER BENCH)                                                                                            
      IA 1/2013 FOR ADDL DOCUMENTS                                                                                       

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING - B GROUP

  34. WP       20495/2004          (S       ,RES     ) HARISHA O K & K L SREENIVAS       K PRABHAKARA RAO               

  35. WP       13150/2013          (S       ,R       ) K C SHANTAKUMAR                   JOSHUA H SAMUEL                
      DATE                                                                                CHRISTOPHER FOR R4 & 5         
                                                                                          GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1-3         

  36. WP       24577/2013          (S       ,RES     ) MUKKANNAPPA S B                   KASTURI ASSOCIATES FOR R3      
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          R1 THE CHAIRMAN AND MD,        
                                                                                          UNION BANK OF INDIA SD         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 6
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

                                                                                          R2 THE GENERAL MANAGER,        
                                                                                          UNION BANK OF INDIA SD         
                                                                                          R4 THE DY GENERAL MANAGER      
                                                                                          (HRM), UNION BANK OF INDIA,    
                                                                                          B'LORE SD                      
     Connected With
  WP           50585/2012                              S B MUKKANNAPPA                   KASTURI ASSOCIATES FOR R1 & 2 

  WP           519/2013                                S B MUKKANNAPPA & ASSCTS          KASTURI ASSOCIATES FOR R3     

                                                                                          R1 THE CHAIRMAN AND            
                                                                                          MANAGING DIRECTOR,             
                                                                                          UNION BANK OF INDIA,           
                                                                                          MUMBAI SD                      
                                                                                          R2 THE GENERAL MANAGER,        
                                                                                          UNION BANK OF INDIA,           
                                                                                          MUMBAI SD                      

  37. WP       50398/2013          (BDA     ,        ) SHETTY AND HEGDE ASSTS            GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1           
      DATE                                                                                I G GACHCHINAMATH              
                                                                                          FOR R2 & R3                    

  38. WP       106/2014            (S       ,R       ) RANGANATHA S JOIS                 R HARINATH FOR R2              
      DATE                                                                                GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1           
                                                                                          R3 THE DIRECTOR,               
                                                                                          KARNATAKA STATE TOURISM        
                                                                                          DEPT SD                        

  39. WP       11936/2014          (S       ,R       ) SATHEESHA K.N.                    P S DINESH KUMAR FOR R1&3      
      DATE                                              SUBBA RAO AND COMPANY             R2-BESCOM BY ITS MD SD         
     Connected With
  WP           29142/2014                              SATHEESHA K N                     V Y KUMAR FOR R2 & 4          

      REG: AWAITING SERVICE OF                          SUBBARAO & CO                                                    
      NOTICE IN R/O R1 & 3                                                                                               

  40. WP       19255/2014          (S       ,DIS     ) V.Y.KUMAR                         S N MURTHY FOR R3 & R4         
      DATE                                                                                R1-THE ASST GENERAL MANAGER    
                                                                                          UNION BANK OF INDIA SD         
                                                                                          NOTICE TO R2 IS DISPENSED      

  41. WP       19676/2014          (BDA     ,        ) KARUNAKAR P                       A D VIJAYA                     

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 7
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  42. WP       28867/2014          (S       ,RES     ) PRASANNA B R                      S SRIRANGA                     
      DATE                                                                                JUST LAW FOR R2                
                                                                                          R1 KPTCL BY ITS DIRECTOR SD    

  43. WP       30950/2014          (BDA     ,        ) RAGHUPATHY T N                    R NATARAJ FOR R2(1 & II)       
      DATE                                                                                I G GACHCHINAMATH FOR          
                                                                                          R1 & 3                         

  44. WP       34438/2014          (LB      ,RES     ) H T VASANTH KUMAR                 H C SHIVARAMU                  
      DATE                                                                                FOR R1-3                       

  45. WP       36285-36287/2014    (LB      ,ELE     ) KASHINATH J D                     AGA FOR R1                     
      DATE                                                                                R2 THE EXECUTIVE OFFICER       
                                                                                          CHAMARAJANAGARA TALUK          
                                                                                          R3 PANCHAYATH DEVELOPMENT      
                                                                                          OFFICER PUNAJOORU VILLAGE      
                                                                                          PANCHAYATH CHAMARAJANAGAR      
                                                                                          ARE SD THROUGH HAND            

  46. WP       38722-38723/2014    (LB      ,BMP     ) PRASHANTH G                       R SUBRAMANYA FOR R1-3          
                                                                                          (VK NOT FILED)                 

                     FINAL HEARING

  47. WP       36691/2010          (S       ,RES     ) N KRISHNA MURTHY - PETITIONER     M S NARAYAN                    
      DATE                                              PARTY IN PERSON                                                  
                                                        V S NAIK & MANJULA N KULKARNI                                    

  48. WP       39122/2010          (S       ,PRO     ) S NARAYANA                        GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1           
      (AS PER GENERAL ORDER                                                               N MANOHAR FOR R2               
      DT-11-8-2010)                                                                       S V NARASIMHAN FOR R3          

  49. WP       4358/2011           (S       ,RES     ) L.SIDDAIAH                        GOVT. PLEADER FOR R1 & R2      
      DATE                                                                                B C PRABHAKAR                  
                                                                                          BHOOPALAM LAW ASSTS FOR        

  50. WP       6605/2011           (S       ,R       ) B B BAJENTRI                      B L SANJEEV FOR R1 & R2        
      DATE                                                                                GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R3           

  51. WP       10494-10498/2011    (S       ,R       ) RAVI JAGAN FOR R1-4               V JAYARAM FOR R4               
      A/W MEMO FOR RETIREMENT                           A M VIJAY FOR PETITIONER          GOVT PLEADER FOR R1, R2 & R3   
      DATE                                              NO 5                                                             
     Connected With

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 8
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  WP           5790-5795/2011                          VIKRAM BALAJI                     GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1-R3       

      & WP 5815/11 & WP 6547/11                         BALAJI ASSOCIATES                 V JAYARAM FOR R4               

  52. WP       45813/2011          (S       ,RES     ) S N MURTHY ASSOCIATES             B B BAJENTRI FOR C/R           
      DATE                                                                                CP NO-5974/11                  

  53. WP       11393/2012          (S       ,DIS     ) SHANTARADDI S MULIMANI (NOC)      R SHARATH CHANDRA FOR          
      A/W IA II/2014 FOR                                G K NARASIMHAMOORTHY              R2, 3 & 5                      
      PRODUCTION OF DOCUMENTS                                                             GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1           
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          R4-THE PANCHAYAT               
                                                                                          EXTENSION OFFICER,             
                                                                                          BANGALORE SD                   

  54. WP       18874-18890/2012    (S       ,RES     ) KRISHNA S DIXIT                   GOVT. ADVOCATE FOR R1 & 2      
      (CH MOVED)                                                                          K S BHARATH KUMAR FOR R3       

  55. WP       40111-40115/2012    (S       ,RES     ) S P KULKARNI                      GOVT. ADVOCATE FOR R1-4        
      DATE                                                                                M R SHAILENDRA FOR R2 & 3      
                                                                                          K N PUTTE GOWDA FOR R2 & 3     
                                                                                          B B BAJENTRI                   
                                                                                          P B BAJENTRI                   
                                                                                          VIJAYAKUMAR FOR R5-9           

  56. WP       47435-47448/2012    (S       ,RES     ) VIKAS ROJIPURA                    V Y KUMAR AND ASSOCIATES       
      DATE                                              RAVIVARMA KUMAR                   FOR R1                         
                                                        ASSOCIATES                        GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R2           
     Connected With
  WP           47587-47591/2012                        REUBEN JACOB                      V Y KUMAR AND ASSTS.          

                                                        JACOB & CO                        FOR R1 & 3                     
                                                                                          GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R2           
                                                                                          (MA NOT FILED)                 
  WP           47461-47498/2012                        M S BHAGWAT & D PAVANESH          GOVT. ADVOCATE FOR R1         

                                                                                          (MA NOT FILED)                 
                                                                                          V Y KUMAR AND ASSOCIATES       
                                                                                          FOR R2 & 3                     
  WP           8713-8742/2013                          B ROOPESHA AND SANDEEP M K        GOVT ADVOCATE FOR R1          

                                                                                          (MA NOT FILED)                 
                                                                                          V Y KUMAR FOR R2 & 3           

  57. WP       23475/2013          (S       ,RES     ) KULKARNI PRALHAD ANNAJI           GOVT. ADVOCATE FOR R1          
      DATE                                                                                V Y KUMAR FOR R2 & 3           
      (KSPCB K/B)                                                                         PRAKASH M PATIL FOR R4         
                                                                                          C SHANKAR REDDY FOR R5         
---------------------------- END -----------------------------------------------------------------------

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