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             ON Thursday   THE 31ST DAY OF July      2014 
                        AT 10.30 AM
                   COURT HALL NO : 5
                       LIST NO.1      

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 1
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp



   1. WP       7225/2011           (GM      ,CPC     ) K CHANDRANATH ARIGA               S VISHWAJITH SHETTY FOR R1     
      REG:FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                              G RAVISHANKAR SHASTRY          
      CA, ETC FOR ISSUE OF                                                                FOR R3 & R4                    
      NOTICE TO R2                                                                                                       
      2) NON-FILING OF ACK                                                                                               
      FOR HAVING SERVED                                                                                                  
      HAND SUMMONS TO R2                                                                                                 

   2. WP       7932/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) A KUMARAVEL                       SUNIL S NARAYAN                
      REG:FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                              FOR C/R3 & R4                  
      CA, WITH CORRECT                                                                    CP NO 6527/2013                
      ADDRESS ETC FOR                                                                                                    
      ISSUE OF NOTICE TO                                                                                                 
      R1 & R2                                                                                                            

   3. WP       11318/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) B N SHIVANNA                      DEEPASHREE                     
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                             AMARNATH SIMHA FOR R1          
      CA WITH CORRECT ADDRESS                                                             R2 V JAYALAKSHMAMMA SD         
      TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R3                                                                                              

   4. WP       11504-11505/2014    (GM      ,CPC     ) M SUBRAMANI                       R2 NAGARAJA SD                 
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF, CA                                                          R3 RANGASHAMAIAH SD            
      WITH CORRECT ADDRESS TO                                                             R4 S C PADMAIAH SD             
      ISSUE NOTICE TO R1                                                                  R5 GOWRAMMA SD                 
                                                                                          R6 PRAMEELA SD                 

   5. WP       15390/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) R SHASHIDHARA                     G GOVINDARAJU                  
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF CA                                                           T N LOKESH-TRIAL COURT COPY    
      ETC, TO ISSUE NOTICE                                                                SD                             

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 2
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
      TO R3 FOR 2ND TIME                                                                  R1-MURTHY SD                   
      2) NON FILING OF ACK                                                                R2-MANJUNATH SD                
      FOR HAVING SD HAND-SUMMONS                                                          R4-RAMAPPA SD                  

   6. WP       16731/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) A MADHUSUDHANA RAO                R1-R6 ACK AWAITED              
      & WP NO 25865/2014                                                                                                 
      REG:NON-FILING OF ACKT                                                                                             
      FOR HAVING SERVED                                                                                                  
      HAND SUMMONS & WP                                                                                                  

   7. WP       19328/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) S K ACHARYA                                                      
      REG: FURNISHING OF PF,                                                                                             
      CA WP COPIES TO ISSUE                                                                                              
      E/NOTICE TO R1-4                                                                                                   
      2) NON TAKEN OF HAND                                                                                               
      SUMMONS IN R/O R1-4                                                                                                

   8. WP       19685-19686/2014    (GM      ,CPC     ) P B RAJU                          R K KOTHANDAPANI FOR R1 & R3   
      REG: NON-FURNISHING OF PF,                                                          JAGADEESH A PATIL FOR R4       
      C/A ETC, TO ISSUE NOTICE TO                                                         MOHAMMED NASIRUDDIN            
      R2, R4-R6                                                                           FOR R5 & R6                    
      2) NON-FILING OF ACKT FOR                                                           (TRIAL COURT COPY SD)          
      HAVING SERVED HAND                                                                                                 
      SUMMONS BY COUNSEL                                                                                                 
      FOR PETITIONER                                                                                                     

   9. WP       26783/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) ADINARAYAN                        R1 ACK AWAITED                 
                                                        A N N ASSTS                                                      

                     HEARING - INTERLOCUTORY APPLN

  10. WP       3469/2012           (GM      ,CPC     ) ADARSH GANGAL                     C R SUBRAMANYA FOR R1          
      A/W MEMO REGARDING                                                                  & R4-R6                        
      IA 1/14 NOT PRESSED,FILED                                                                                          
      BY COUNSEL FOR PETR                                                                                                
      2) IA 2/14 FOR PAPER PUBLN                                                                                         
      TO TAKE NOTICE FOR R2,R3                                                                                           
      & R7                                                                                                               
      3) FURNISHING OF FPF, CA ETC                                                                                       
      FOR ISSUE OF NOTICE TO                                                                                             
      R2, R3 & R7 FOR II TIME                                                                                            

  11. WP       39299/2012          (GM      ,CPC     ) LAWYERS INC & T S AMAR KUMAR      G VIKRAM FOR R2                
      REG: IA I/14 FOR V STAY                                                             R1-THE KARNATAKA FISHERIES     
                                                                                          DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION        
                                                                                          LTD-, SD                       

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 3
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  12. WP       45150/2012          (GM      ,CPC     ) VIVEK HOLLA &                     S SRIRANGA                     
      & WP NO-49536-537/2012                            HOLLA & HOLLA                     JUST LAW FOR R1                
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                                                            
      CA WITH CORRECT ADDRESS                                                                                            
      TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R2 & 3                                                                                          
      2) RECTIFICATION OF OFFICE                                                                                         
      OBJNS RAISED ON IA I/14                                                                                            
      3) IA 2/14 FOR DIRECTION                                                                                           

  13. WP       42854/2013          (GM      ,CPC     ) S Y KUMBAR                        R4-6 DISPENSED WITH            
      REG:IA-I/14 FOR PAPER                                                               COPY SD ON THE COUNSEL         
      PUBLICATION                                                                         FOR RESPT BEFORE               
                                                                                          TRIAL COURT (NAME NOT          
                                                                                          S SRISHAILA FOR R3             

  14. WP       47326-47327/2013    (GM      ,CPC     ) RAVI H K                          R SHASHIDHARA FOR R1           
      REG: IA 1/14 FOR EXTN                                                               R2 THIPPESWAMY SD              
      OF TIME                                                                                                            

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING

  15. WP       31267/2011          (GM      ,CPC     ) M R RAJAGOPAL &                   AGA FOR R9                     
      & WP 31268/2011                                   H N BASAVARAJU                    S V PRAKASH FOR R1-5           
                                                                                          R7-S RAJAKUMAR SD              
                                                                                          R8-M PADMANABHA SD             
                                                                                          R7 IS TREATED AS LR'S OF       

  16. WP       232/2013            (GM      ,CPC     ) H C SHIVARAMU                     B M SIDDAPPA FOR R1            
                                                                                          R2 KYASAMMA SD                 
                                                                                          R3 SOORAWA SD                  
                                                                                          R4 NAGAIAH SD                  
                                                                                          R5 OBAIAH SD                   
                                                                                          R6 BORAMMA SD                  
                                                                                          R7 MALLAMMA SD                 
                                                                                          R9 BORAKKA SD                  
                                                                                          R10 PAPAKKA SD                 
                                                                                          R11 GUNDAKKA SD                
                                                                                          WP IS NOT READY IN             
                                                                                          NOTICE IN R/O R8               

  17. WP       49285-49286/2013    (GM      ,CPC     ) D PRABHAKAR                       D R RAVISHANKAR                
                                                                                          M/S LEX NEXUS FOR R1, 3-5 & 7  
                                                                                          R2, 6, 8-15 - DISPENSED WITH   
                                                                                          JAGADISH MUNDARGI FOR R16      

  18. WP       1623/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) S VISWESWARAIAH                                                  

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 4
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  19. WP       6917/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) T B NATARAJ                                                      

  20. WP       9603/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) V SHIVAKUMAR                                                     

  21. WP       11030/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) ADINATHA NARDE                    CYRIL PRASAD PAIS              
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,                                                             FOR R3                         
      CA ETC TO ISSUE NOTICE                                                              R6 MERILYN GONSALVES SD        
      TO R1&5                                                                                                            
      2) MEMO FOR CONSIDERING                                                                                            
      SERVICE OF NOTICE TO R2                                                                                            
      & R4 AS HELD SUFFICIENT                                                                                            

  22. WP       11405/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) J R JAGADISH                                                     

  23. WP       26409/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) B S SATYANAND                     KAMALESHWARA POOJARY           
      A/W MEMO FOR DISPENSATION                                                           M/S SWARNAKAMAL ASSTS          
      OF NOTICE TO R3-18                                                                  FOR R1 & R2                    

  24. WP       26668/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) S B MATHAPATI                     P KARUNAKAR FOR R1-3           
      A/W IA 1/14 FOR AMENDMENT                         GIRISH G N                                                       
      OF WP                                                                                                              

  25. WP       31890/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) ANANDA K                                                         

  26. WP       34900/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) H DAYANANDA SARASWATHI                                           
      A/W OFFICE NOTE                                                                                                    

  27. WP       35328/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) J KANIKARAJ                                                      

  28. WP       35374/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) VISWANATH SABARAD                 V KRISHNA MURTHY FOR C/R       
                                                                                          CP NO 3860/2014                

  29. WP       36276/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) SHANMUKHAPPA                                                     

                     PRELIMINARY HEARING - B GROUP

  30. WP       37738/2011          (GM      ,CPC     ) KEDILAYA ASSOCIATES               S VISHWAJITH SHETTY FOR R1     
                                                        A SANATH KUMAR                    R2 PADMAVATI SD                
                                                                                          R3 RAJESH SD                   
                                                                                          R5 YOGISHA SD                  
                                                                                          R8 M PURUSHOTHAMA RAI SD       
                                                                                          R9 PRABHAVATHI R RAI SD        
                                                                                          R10 PREMALATHA SD              
                                                                                          R11 INDIRA J SHETTY SD         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 5
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                                                                                          R12 APARNA SD                  
                                                                                          R13 SAROJINI D SHETTY SD       
                                                                                          R14 SUMALATHA U RAI SD         
                                                                                          R4 DINESHA SD                  
                                                                                          R6 SHIVASHANKARA SD            
                                                                                          R7, 18-20 DEEMED TO BE SD      
                                                                                          R15 SARASWATHI G RAI SD        
                                                                                          R16 VIVEK SD                   
                                                                                          R17-SUBHAS SD                  

  31. WP       12518/2012          (GM      ,CPC     ) M K SHARIFF                       M V CHANDRASHEKAR REDDY        
                                                                                          FOR R4 & 6                     
                                                                                          BALU ASSTS-                    
                                                                                          A BALAKRISHNAN FOR R1          
                                                                                          R2 SRINIVASA SD                
                                                                                          R7 CHANDRA SD                  
                                                                                          R8 CHETHAN KUMAR SD            
                                                                                          R9 L M MUNIRAJAPPA SD          
                                                                                          R10 JAYLAKSHMAMMA SD           
                                                                                          R11 NARAYANSWAMY SD            
                                                                                          R12 RAJANNA SD                 
                                                                                          R13 PURUSHOTHAM SD             
                                                                                          R14 SOMAKALAVATHI SD           
                                                                                          R15 GOWRAMMA SD                
                                                                                          R16 NARAYANAMMA SD             
                                                                                          R17 SOMAPPA SD                 
                                                                                          R18 MUNIDASAPPA SD             
                                                                                          R21 SHARADAMMA SD              
                                                                                          R22 RAMESH SD                  
                                                                                          R23 VENKATASWAMY SD            
                                                                                          R C APPAJI GOWDA               
                                                                                          B M RAMESH (TRIAL COURT        
                                                                                          COPY SD)                       
                                                                                          M G VENKATA REDDY FOR R3 & 5   
                                                                                          B M RAMESH FOR R19 & 20        
                                                                                          TRIAL COURT COPY SD-           

  32. WP       27715/2012          (GM      ,CPC     ) M/S G S BHAT & ASSOCIATES         VIGHNESHWAR S SHASTRI          
                                                                                          FOR R2                         
                                                                                          MANMOHAN P N ASSTS,            
                                                                                          MANMOHAN P N FOR R3            
                                                                                          R1 RAMACHANDRA SD              
                                                                                          R4 GOWRAMMA                    
                                                                                          R5 SAROJAMMA                   
                                                                                          R6 RANGAMMA                    
                                                                                          R7 SUBRAMANYA                  
                                                                                          R8 RAJANNA                     
                                                                                          R4-8 DISPENSED WITH            

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 6
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  33. WP       44796/2012          (GM      ,CPC     ) L S VENKATAKRISHNA                H S VIVEKANANDA                
                                                                                          R ANJALI                       
                                                                                          VIVEK ASSTS- FOR R1            
                                                                                          S V SHASTRY FOR R2             
     Connected With
  WP           6756/2012                               L S VENKATAKRISHNA                H S VIVEKANANDA               

                                                                                          R ANJALI                       
                                                                                          VIVEK ASSTS FOR R1             
                                                                                          S V SHASTRI FOR R2             
                                                                                          PRAKASH T HEBBAR FOR R7 & 8    
                                                                                          R3 BACHAMMA SD                 
                                                                                          R5 MUNIRATHNAMMA SD            
                                                                                          R4 & 6 DISPENSED WITH          

  34. WP       12855/2013          (GM      ,CPC     ) H S VIVEKANANDA                   K L SREENIVAS &                
                                                                                          O K HARISH                     

  35. WP       46665/2013          (GM      ,CPC     ) B P RENUKAMBA                     SHRIDHAR D NAIK FOR R4         
                                                                                          G S VENKATA SUBBARAO FOR       

  36. WP       51418/2013          (GM      ,CPC     ) R P SOMASHEKHARAIAH               NAGARAJ DAMODAR                
      & WP 51419/2013                                                                                                    

  37. WP       56303-56304/2013    (GM      ,CPC     ) MADHUKAR NADIG                    V VISHWANATH SETTY             

  38. WP       56773/2013          (GM      ,CPC     ) P D SURANA                        S SUNIL DUTT YADAV             
      & WP NO 880-881/2014                                                                FOR C/R1 & 2 (CP NO 5690,      
                                                                                          5691, 5690/2013)               
                                                                                          GOVT PLEADER                   

  39. WP       58742-58743/2013    (GM      ,CPC     ) T N VISWANATHA                    M/S JAYARAJ & ASSTS            

  40. WP       3838/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) V B SHIVA KUMAR                   D R RAJASHEKARAPPA             

  41. WP       8777-8778/2014      (GM      ,CPC     ) B S SATYANAND                     D L JAGADEESH                  
                                                                                          M/S D L JAGADEESH ASSTS        
     Connected With
  WP           8779-8780/2014                          B S SATYANAND                     D L JAGADEESH                 

  WP           8781-8782/2014                          B S SATYANAND                     D L JAGADEESH FOR R1          

      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF,CA                                                                                          
      ETC TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R2                                                                                          
      (2ND TIME)                                                                                                         

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 7
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  42. WP       9023/2014           (GM      ,CPC     ) MANJUNATH K S                     K BHANUPRASAD                  
                                                                                          FOR R1                         
                                                                                          R2(A-D) DISPENSD WITH          

  43. WP       12064-12066/2014    (GM      ,CPC     ) H K KENCHEGOWDA                   PRAKASH M PATIL                
                                                                                          KIRAN R MALLANNAVAR FOR R1     
                                                                                          R2 ABDUL KAREEM SD             

  44. WP       17720-17721/2014    (GM      ,CPC     ) K P BHUVAN                        T SURESH                       
                                                                                          (TRIAL COURT COPY SD)          
                                                                                          R1 H P KAVYA SD                
                                                                                          R2 THE MANAGER UNITED INDIA    
                                                                                          INSURANCE COMPANY LTD SD       

  45. WP       18679/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) H V RAJA RAM                      K H THIMMAIAH                  
                                                                                          M/S DIKSHIT ASSTS FOR R1       
                                                                                          M D KRISHNAPPA FOR R3-7        
                                                                                          ACKT FILED FOR HAVING SD       
                                                                                          ON ADV APPEARING FOR           
                                                                                          RESPT BEFORE TRIAL COURT       

  46. WP       21739/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) VEERENDRA R PATIL                 B M SHYAM PRASAD               
                                                                                          P R AJITH                      
                                                                                          R K THONTADHARYA               
                                                                                          SHARATH B                      
                                                                                          M/S B M SHYAM PRASAD & ASSTS   

  47. WP       25651/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) S M PATIL                         T SURYANARAYANA                
                                                                                          V VINAY GIRI                   
                                                                                          M/S KING & PARTRIDGE FOR       
                                                                                          R8 &  R9                       
                                                                                          POONAM PATIL FOR R9            
                                                                                          (VK RETND WITH OFFICE OBJNS)   
                                                                                          R1 PHILOMINARAJ SD             
                                                                                          R2 SEBASTIN SD                 
                                                                                          R3 ANTHONISWAMY SD             
                                                                                          R4 SALOMEN SD                  
                                                                                          R5 BENZAMIN SD                 
                                                                                          R6 JOSEPH SD                   
                                                                                          R7 ROHINIWAMAN AREKAR  SD      

  48. WP       27034-27035/2014    (GM      ,CPC     ) KRISHNA NAIK                      LALITHA KUMARI D               
                                                                                          FOR R3-6                       
                                                                                          (TRIAL COURT COPY SD)          
                                                                                          COPY SD ON THE ADV FOR         
                                                                                          R1 & R2, R8 (NAME NOT CLEAR)   
                                                                                          R A DEVANAND FOR               

NICNET                                        Court Hall :    5                  Page No : 8
Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                                                                                          R1 T S PARIMALA SD             
                                                                                          R2 T S SEETHALAKSHMI           
                                                                                          R3 JAYALAKSHMAMMA SD           
                                                                                          R4 T S KRISHNA MURTHY SD       
                                                                                          R5 T S RAJARAO SD              
                                                                                          R7 M S SHANTHAKUMAR SD         
                                                                                          R8 B SOUNDARA RAJAN SD         

  49. WP       27979/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) A KUMARAVEL                       VITTALA SHETTY P               
                                                                                          ASHA V SHETTY                  

  50. WP       28198/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) K K VASANTH                       CHANDRAKANTH R GOULAY          
                                                                                          FOR R1                         

  51. WP       28620-28621/2014    (GM      ,CPC     ) PARASHURAM R HATTARAKIHAL         ANJANEYA FOR R1                
                                                                                          R2-B N PATHISHA SD             
                                                                                          R3-NARAYANAPPA SD              
                                                                                          R4-VENKATESH SD                
                                                                                          R5-BYLAPPA SD                  
                                                                                          R6 THE SECRETARY BASAVANA      
                                                                                          HALLI MANDAL PANCHAYATH SD     
                                                                                          R7 THE SUB-REGISTRAR           
                                                                                          NELAMANGALA SD                 
                                                                                          R8-R PREMA SD                  

  52. WP       29509/2014          (GM      ,CPC     ) K K VASANTH                       G S SRINIVAS                   
                                                                                          M S RAJENDRA                   
                                                                                          M/S KESVY & CO FOR R13         
                                                                                          R1-12 DISPENSD WITH            

                     FINAL HEARING

  53. WP       35559/2011          (GM      ,CPC     ) DHARMASHREE ASSOCIATES            LEX JUSTICIA FOR R1-5 & 7      
                                                                                          R6 MANJAPPA SD                 
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