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             ON Tuesday    THE 13TH DAY OF October   2015 
                        AT 10.30 AM
             THE HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE  N.K.PATIL   
                   COURT HALL NO : 4
                         LIST NO. 1     
    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 1
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp


   1. MFA      2883/2012            (MV      ,I       ) M B CHANDRACHOODA                 O MAHESH FOR R2                
      REG MEMO FOR ACCEPTANCE                                                                                           
      OF PAPER PUBLICATION IN                                                                                           
      R/O R1                                                                                                            

   2. MFA      81/2014              (MV      ,I       ) PRATHEEP K C                                                     
      REG 1) NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                          
      OFFICE OBJNS RIASED ON                                                                                            
      PROCESS MEMO                                                                                                      
      2) NON COMPLIANCE OF OBJNS                                                                                        
      RAISED ON MEMO FOR                                                                                                
      (II SET OF MEMO  TO BE FILED)                                                                                     
      (RETURNED PF & MEMO K/B)                                                                                          

   3. MFA      210/2014             (MV      ,D       ) P P HEGDE                         R4 - PARASANNA H R SD          
      REG: NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                            
      OFFICE OBJNS RAISED ON                                                                                            
      PROCESS MEMO                                                                                                      
      (DPF OF 30/- TO BE PAID &                                                                                         
      I SET OF CD COPY TO BE                                                                                            
      FURNISHED TO ISSUE E/NOTICE                                                                                       
      TO R1 TO R3                                                                                                       

   4. MFA      1816/2014            (MV      ,D       ) MURALIKRISHNA K R                 B C SHIVANNE GOWDA FOR R1      
      REG: FURNISHING OF FPF                                                                                            
      COVER ACK TO ISSUE OF                                                                                             
      NOTICE TO R2 FOR 2ND TIME                                                                                         
      2) NON COMPLIANCE OF OFFICE                                                                                       
      OBJNS TO RAISED ON IA 1/15                                                                                        
      COPY TO BE SERVED ON                                                                                              
      OTHER SIDE & 2ND SET IA 1/15                                                                                      
      TO BE FILED                                                                                                       
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                                                                                    

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 2
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
   5. MFA      2466/2014            (MV      ,D       ) K PRASANNA SHETTY                 A M VENKATESH FOR R2           
      RG NON FILING II SET OF MEMO                                                       M V POONACHA FOR R2            
      OF DISPENSATION OF NOTICE                                                          (VK NOT FILED)                 
      TO R1 V/O DTD 13/1/2015                                                                                           
      (LCR KEPT BELOW)                                                                                                  

   6. MFA      5184/2014            (MV      ,I       ) RAVI H K                          H S LINGARAJU FOR R2           
      REG: FURNISHING PF COVER                         SANDESH U,                        R1 & R4 NOTICE D/W             
      ACKT ETC TO ISSUE NOTICE                         K N NARAYANA SWAMY                                               
      TO R3                                            KANTARAJA & ASSTS                                                

   7. MFA      5857/2014            (MV      ,I       ) CHANDRASHEKAR L                   S SRISHAILA FOR R2             
      REG MEMO A/W PUBLISHED                                                                                            
      NOTICE FOR ACCEPTANCE OF                                                                                          
      NOTICE TO RESPONDENT 1                                                                                            

   8. MFA      6468/2014            (MV      ,I       ) KAVITHA H C                                                      
      REG: FURNISHING OF PF COVER                                                                                       
      ACKT & ETC TO ISSUE                                                                                               
      E/NOTICE TO RESPONDENTS                                                                                           

   9. MFA      789/2015             (MV      ,D       ) B M KENCHEGOWDA                                                  
      REG: NOTE STATE IN CAUSE                         NATARAJU T                                                       
      TITLE OF APPEAL                                                                                                   
      MEMORANDUM STATING THAT                                                                                           
      RESPONDENT NO2 IS A FORMAL                                                                                        
      PARTY IN HIGH COURT                                                                                               
      2) IA 1/15 FOR CD OF 250 DAYS                                                                                     
      IN FILING                                                                                                         

  10. MFA      905/2015             (MV      ,D       ) PRASANNA D P                      K N SRINIVASA FOR R2           
      REG:STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN                                                           (VK FILED)                     
      R/O R2 (UNCLAIMED COVER)                                                                                          

  11. CCC      1236/2015            (        ,        ) RAJIV VIJAYASARATHY RATNAM                                       
      BY SPL ORDER DTD 9/10/15                         (PARTY IN PERSON)                                                

  12. MFA      1605/2015            (MV      ,I       ) VASUDEVA MURTHY B K                                              
      REG:COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                                 
      OFFICE OBJNS (IST TIME)                                                                                           

  13. MFA      2222/2015            (MV      ,D       ) H N KESHAVA PRASHANTH             K V SHYAMA PRASADA             
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                                                     ADV FOR C/R1 & R2              
      DATE                                                                               CP NO 340/15                   

  14. MFA      3082/2015            (LAC     ,        ) NARENDRA GOWDA                                                   
      NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                                 
      OFFICE OBJNS (IST TIME)                                                                                           

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 3
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  15. MFA      3393/2015            (MV      ,D       ) SUGUNAMMA                                                        
      REG:NON COMPLIANCE OF                            & SUGUNA R REDDY                                                 
      OFFICE OBJNS IE FULL CAUSE                                                                                        
      TITLE TO BE STATED IN IA 1/15                                                                                     
      FOR 2ND TIME                                                                                                      

  16. MFA      3476/2015            (LAC     ,        ) K B LOKANATH                                                     
      REG:NON COMPLIANCE OF                                                                                             
      OFFICE OBJNS FOR IST TIME                                                                                         


  17. MFA      1416/2014            (LAC     ,        ) CHRISTOPHER E                                                    
      REG: IA 2/15 FOR OVER RULING                     J HUDSON SAMUEL & PARTNERS                                       
      OFFICE OBJNS                                                                                                      

  18. MFA      4470/2014            (MV      ,I       ) PRASANNA D P &                    H N KESHAVAPRASHANATH          
      REG: IA 1/14 FOR CD OF 113                       K R SANTHOSH                      FOR R1                         
      DAYS IN FILING                                                                     R2-GUMANI DEVI SD              
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                                                                                    

  19. MFA      8310/2014            (MV      ,D       ) CHETHAN B                                                        
      REG: IA 1/14 FOR CD OF 119                                                                                        
      DAYS IN FILING                                                                                                    

  20. MFA      8596/2014            (LAC     ,        ) MANJUNATHA J                                                     
      REG: IA 1/14 FOR CD OF 2881                      B N MAMATHA RANI                                                 
      DAYS IN FILING                                                                                                    
      2) IA 2/14 FOR ADDITIONAL                                                                                         

  21. MFA      2904/2015            (MV      ,D       ) RAJARAMA S                                                       
      REG: IA 1/15 FOR CD OF 136                                                                                        
      DAYS IN FILING                                                                                                    

  22. MFA      5619/2015            (MV      ,D       ) K P BHUVAN                                                       
      REG: IA 1/15 FOR CD OF 228 DAY                                                                                    
      S IN FILING                                                                                                       

  23. MFA      6607/2015            (MV      ,D       ) SHRIPAD V SHASTRI                                                
      REG: IA 2/15 FOR CD OF 6                         K C NAIK                                                         
      DAYS IN FILING                                                                                                    


  24. MFA      8445/2011            (MV      ,I       ) G S BALAGANGADHAR                 S Y SHIVALLI FOR R3            
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                                                     R1 H RAJU H/S                  
                                                                                         R2 B RAJESHWARI H/S            

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 4
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
  25. MFA      2168/2013            (MV      ,I       ) P V KALPANA                       E S INDIRESH FOR R2            
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                   (NOC VK FILED)                    (VK FILED)                     
                                                       SUDHA RANI P                      R1 NOTICE D/W                  

  26. MFA      4178/2013            (MV      ,I       ) B M MOHAN KUMAR                   A M VENKATESH FOR R2           
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                                                     R1 NOTICE D/W                  

  27. MFA      5736/2013            (GW      ,        ) AMIT MANDGI                       L GOVINDRAJ FOR C/R            
      A/W IA 3/14 FOR DIRECTION                                                          CP NO: 580/13                  
      2) IA 2/13 FOR STAY                                                                                               
      3) IA 2/14 FOR INTERIM ORDER                                                                                      

  28. MFA      9679/2013            (MV      ,D       ) PURUSHOTHAMA RAO M S                                             

  29. MFA      7751/2014            (AA      ,        ) ARVIND KAMATH K                   B V RAMAN FOR R1               
      A/W IA 1/15 FOR STAY                             APARNA RAMESH                     R2 JUSTICE T JAYARAMA CHOUTA   
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                                                     SD                             
                                                                                         R3 TEAM 2                      
                                                                                         ARCHITECT & CONSULTING         
                                                                                         ENGINEER SD                    

  30. MFA      672/2015             (MV      ,D       ) B C SHIVANNE GOWDA                L HARISH KUMAR FOR R1          
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                                                     R2 & R3 MINORS                 
                                                                                         REP BY R1                      
                                                                                         JAGADEESH H T FOR R4           

  31. MFA      1329/2015            (MV      ,D       ) DINESH RAO N                      SUMANTH L BHARADWAJ            
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                   CHOWDA REDDY C                    FOR R1                         
                                                       CHANDINI S                        R2 MINOR REP BY R1             

  32. MFA      3695/2015            (MV      ,I       ) SUBBA REDDY K N                                                  

  33. MFA      4009/2015            (AA      ,        ) JUST LAW, SRIRANGA S                                             
      A/W IA 1/15 FOR STAY                                                                                              

  34. MFA      4734/2015            (MV      ,D       ) NAGARAJA R C                      F S DABALI                     
                                                       B N MANJULA                       FOR R2                         
                                                                                         NOTICE TO R1 D/W               

  35. MFA      5118/2015            (MV      ,D       ) D VIJAYAKUMAR                                                    
      A/W IA 1/15 FOR STAY                                                                                              

  36. MFA      6318/2015            (MV      ,I       ) K V SHYAMAPRASADA                                                

  37. MFA      6503/2015            (MV      ,D       ) SRIDHAR D S                       M NARAYANAPPA FOR R3           
                                                       D G MANJUNATH                     R1 & R2 NOTICE D/W             

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 5
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp

  38. MFA      7115/2015            (MV      ,I       ) H V BHANU PRAKASH                                                
                                                       H C RAMASWAMY                                                    

  39. MFA      7146/2015            (MV      ,D       ) B N JAYADEVA                                                     
      A/W IA 1/15 FOR STAY                                                                                              

  40. MFA      7156/2015            (MV      ,D       ) P N HARISH                                                       
      A/W ACCEPTANCE OF NOTE                                                                                            
      STATED IN CAUSE TITLE                                                                                             

  41. MFA      7307/2015            (MV      ,I       ) PAVANA CHANDRA SHETTY H                                          

  42. MFA      7336/2015            (MV      ,D       ) PRADEEP B                                                        
      A/W IA 1/15 FOR STAY                                                                                              

                    FINAL HEARING

  43. MFA      6230/2002            (AA      ,        ) V PADMANABHA KEDILAYA             G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRY          
      REG 1) IA 4/02 FOR VACATING                                                        FOR C/R1                       
      STAY                                                                               HEMALATHA MAHISHI              
      2) IA 5/02 FOR EXTENSION OF                                                        FOR C/R9 & R19                 
      STAY & NOTICE TO                                                                   R1 (A) & (B) LRS OF R1 ARE H/S 
      3) MEMO DTD 27/1/2003 WITH                                                                                        
      REGARD TO OFFICE OBJNS                                                                                            
      4) IA 1/2004 FOR RESTRAINING                                                                                      
      FROM ALIENATING                                                                                                   
      5) IA 2/2004 FOR EARLY                                                                                            
      6) IA 3/13 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                                                      
      ABATMENT IN BRINGING LRS                                                                                          
      OF DECEASED OF R15                                                                                                
      7) IA 2/13 FOR BRINING LRS OF                                                                                     
      DECEASED R15 ON RECORD                                                                                            
      8) IA 2/15 FOR PERSMISSION                                                                                        
      TO TAKE NOTICE R15 IN                                                                                             
      MFA 6230/2002 & R18 IN                                                                                            
      MFA 6250/2002 THORUGH HIS                                                                                         
      EMAIL ADDRESS 'ANILVENKATRAO                                                                                      
      @ YAHOO COM                                                                                                       
      9) MEMO DTD 27/07/2015                                                                                            
      10) OFFICE NOTE                                                                                                   
     Connected With
    MFA        6250/2002                                V PADMANABHA KEDILAYA             HEMALATA MAHISHI FOR R9 & 22   

      REG ) LETER DTD 17/03/09 BY                                                        B L ACHARYA & PUSHPALATHA      

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 6
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
      R 20 TO CONSIDER HIM AS EX-PAR                                                     FOR R9                         
      TE                                                                                 NAVEEN SHASTRI-R6 SD           
      2) IA 1/04 FOR EARLY HEARING                                                       KRIPALINI RAO-R8 SD            
      3) IA 3/13 FOR SETTING ASIDE                                                       A SOMASHEKAR RAO-R13 SD        
      ABATEMENT IN BRINGING LRS                                                          NAGALAKSHMI-R15 SD             
      OF DECEASED R18                                                                    BHUVANESHWARI-R17 SD           
      4) IA 2/13 FOR BRINGING LR                                                         CHANDRAKANTA R RAO-R20 SD      
      OF DECEASED R18                                                                    SHAMBHAVI RAO-R21 SD           
      5) MEMO DTD 27/7/2015                                                              R2-VIJAYA PRAKASH SD           
                                                                                         R4-SUCHETHA RAO SD             
                                                                                         R7-RAJANI KRISHNARAJ SD        
                                                                                         R11-LEENA SHASTRI SD           
                                                                                         R12-NEETHA VIJAYKUMAR SD       
                                                                                         R18-DR- LALITHA RAO SD         
                                                                                         R19-DR- SUDHA K RAO SD         
                                                                                         G BALAKRISHNA SHASTRY FOR R1   
                                                                                         GEETHA RAO - R14 SD            
                                                                                         R3,5,10 & 16 ARE SERVICE H/S   

  44. MFA      8079/2009            (SFC     ,        ) GURURAJ JOSHI                     R1-JANZEN METAL                
      APPEAL NOT YET ADMITTED                          B EASHWARPRASAD                   CAST PVT LTD SD                
                                                       GOVARDHAN YADAV                   R6-SYED ABDUL NAZEER SD        
                                                       M C RAJASHEKAR                    R7-SYED SHUJATH HYDER SD       
                                                                                         R8-SHANKAR RAJA SD             
                                                                                         R3 R4 & R5 NOTICE D/W          
                                                                                         V/O 27/7/2015                  
                                                                                         R2 NOTICE D/W V/O 30/9/2015    

  45. MFA      2272/2010            (SFC     ,        ) GURURAJ JOSHI                     S RAMAKANTH FOR R1             
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                   B EASHWAR PRASAD                  V JAYARAM FOR R1               
                                                       RAGHU H P                         G KRISHNAMURTHY  FOR R2        
                                                                                         R2-DAYANANDA SAGAR NOTICE IS   
                                                                                         H/S V/O DTD 12/07/12           
                                                                                         K V SATHISH FOR R3 (VK FILED)  

  46. MFA      2897/2011            (AA      ,        ) B PRAMOD                          G PAPIREDDY FOR C/R1 & R3      
      LCR RECEIVED                                                                       CP NO: 258/11                  
                                                                                         KALEEMULLA SHERIF FOR R2       
                                                                                         R5-CHANDRAKALA SD              
                                                                                         R7 NOTICE D/W V/O/DTD 24-08-11 
                                                                                         R4-PUSHPALATHA &               
                                                                                         R6-DAKSHINA MURTHY HAND        
                                                                                         SUMMONS SD                     

  47. MFA      9780/2012            (AA      ,        ) N S SANJAY GOWDA                  ASHWIN CHIKKAMATH FOR C/R1     
      A/W IA 1/12 FOR STAY                                                               CP NO: 824/12                  
      2 ) IA 2/12 FOR PERMISSION                                                         B M SHYAM PRASAD & ASSTS       
      TO PRODUCE ADDL                                                                    FOR R1                         
      DOCUMENTS                                                                          R2-SENIOR MANAGER,             

    NICNET                                        Court Hall :    4                  Page No : 7
    Slno       Case NO/Year                                Adv for Pet/Appl/Comp             Adv for Resp
                                                                                         CANARA BANK, MUMBAI SD         
                                                                                         STATE BANK OF PATIALA,         
                                                                                         MUMBAI SD                      

  48. MFA      1794/2013            (MV      ,D       ) KT GURUDEVA PRASAD & SATHYAPAL    H R RENUKA FOR R1              
                                                                                         R2-SHIVAPRASANNA B R SD        

  49. MFA      9827/2013            (MV      ,I       ) H N KESHAVA PRASHANTH             P MAHADEVASWAMY FOR R1         
      LCR KEPT BELOW                                                                     R2-M/S NAGARJUNA               
                                                                                         CONSTRUCTION CO LTD SD         
     Connected With
    MFA        9710/2013                                MAHADEVA SWAMY P                  H N KESHAV PRASHANTH FOR R2    

                                                       PH; 9449648149                    (VK NOT FILED)                 
                                                                                         R1 - DISPENSED WITH            
    MFA        9711/2013                                MAHADEVA SWAMY P                  B. PRADEEP                     

                                                                                         H N KESHAVA PRASHANTH FOR R-2  
                                                                                         NOTICE NOT ORDERED IN R/O R1   
    MFA        9828/2013                                H N KESHAVA PRASHANTH             P MAHADEVASWAMY FOR R1         

      FURNISHING OF FPF, C/ACK                                                                                          
      ETC TO ISSUE NOTICE TO R2                                                                                         
      FOR II TIME                                                                                                       

  50. MFA      8062/2014            (GW      ,        ) VIJETHA R NAIK                    S B TOTAD                      
      REG IA 1/14 FOR CUSTODY                          RAVI B NAIK ASSTS                                                
      OF CHILDREN                                                                                                       
      2) IA 2/14 FOR STAY                                                                                               
      3) IA 2/15 FOR PERMISSION                                                                                         
      FOR PRODUCTION OF                                                                                                 
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